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Grateful-photoToday’s my birthday, which is kind of weird because I’m not doing anything special. I’m usually one of those really obnoxious birthday people who plans things several months out and won’t shut up about it – but not this time. I’m in a big transition period right now, especially at work, and with a weird work schedule + lots of other things going on this spring, my birthday just kind of snuck up on me. I did dinner with some close friends last night and I’ll do dinner with my husband tomorrow and family stuff this weekend but that’s about it. Today feels like any other day…just more Facebook notifications.

Having a quiet birthday this time around has given me some time to reflect. I don’t get super serious on here too often so if you’re just here for the fashion and makeup – don’t worry, more of that is coming tomorrow (and good stuff, for real). This year I have been pushed in so many different ways and I’m a much stronger person for it. It’s been a season of changes for better or worse and I’m just really grateful. I want to be better at expressing gratitude because…it’s something I’m not great at. I thrive on being busy and with that, a lot of good things just get lost in the shuffle. So today, on my 27th birthday, I’m just going to take a few minutes to express some gratitude. Because, dang it, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for and it’s time I put it out into the universe.

  • For my husband. Not only does he encourage me to work hard and be my best, he also forces me to stop working (occasionally). Honestly if it weren’t for this dude, I would probably still be running a full on wedding floral business, blog and etsy shop on top of my full time job. And that’s not good. He constantly reminds me that I need to take some time for myself and little by little, thanks to him, I’m getting better at that. Thanks for loving me and forcing me to be kind to myself.
  • For family. I hit the jackpot when it comes to family, y’all. If you need a place to go on holidays, just let me know – my parents always make WAY too much delicious food.
  • For a strong and healthy body. I’m working out 4-5 times a week now. Last week I ran 8 miles in addition to my normal workouts…by choice. That’s something I never though I would say. My body is stronger than ever and physical strength is helping me become more mentally strong too. I’m so thankful to have a body that can be pushed to the limits without failing me. 
  • For Kaia and Christine. I can’t talk about physical health without expressing gratitude for Kaia. For years I’ve struggled to find a physical fitness routine that works for me and the fact that I’ve stuck with this one for months now is HUGE.
  • For friends, old and new. I run with a pretty tight circle and I mean it when I say they are my ride or dies. I’m also so thankful for friendly acquaintances and for old friends too. I’m not the best at keeping in touch with folks, but I’m working on it. Seeing some of my college friends last weekend was such a reminder of what I’m missing out on by not maintaining those relationships so that’s definitely something to work on in year 27. If you’re one of those old friends, please know that I love you dearly, even if I’m not great at telling you that.
  • For Real HQ and remote work. Year 26 was filled with SO much travel thanks to a job that I can literally work from anywhere. I’m so grateful that my husband and I can live out some of our wildest dreams and travel anywhere we’d like.
  • For Coca Cola. I’m sorry, but it’s my dang lifeblood. Mark my words, I will never give this stuff up.
  • For this gorgeous weather we’ve had lately. Seriously y’all, we’re getting a lovely spring this year and I’m trying to soak up every minute of it. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the sun when it’s not a thousand degrees.
  • For you. (You knew this was coming.) It’s so cheesy but seriously if you weren’t here reading this, I wouldn’t still be writing this blog. Numbers aren’t everything but seeing that there’s someone out there reading this makes a WORLD of difference. You are so appreciated and even if you never leave a comment, I’d love it if you reached out to me somehow (via email, social media, whatever!) just to let me know you’re reading. Because I’d love to personally thank you. You are so important to me.

I could go on and on, but come on, no one wants to read THAT much. Today I’m grateful and I’m going to try to make sure I put it into practice to be grateful every single day.



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  1. Happy birthday to my sweet friend. So grateful that our paths have crossed. You are a wonderful young woman that I treasure very much.

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