Going Back on My Own Advice

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valery-brennan-8787There’s nothing worse than a really cool piece that sits in your closet for months. You know the one. You really like it but you can’t find a good outfit for it, and even Pinterest is no help. That was totally me with this crepe trenchcoat from eShakti. Unfortunately this exact style is no longer available, but don’t you worry – I’ve tracked down some similar options you’ll love just as much.


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eShakti was kind enough to send this crepe trenchcoat to me last fall, but when it arrived it just wasn’t doing it for me. For some reason, no matter what I put it with, it just didn’t look quite right. Normally this is the time where I would force myself to get rid of the piece. I try to operate on the “if it doesn’t make me happy, get it out the door” and seeing this gorgeous coat in my closet stressed me out. I HATED seeing something so lovely sit unworn but…I couldn’t bear to get rid of it.

valery-brennan-8802 valery-brennan-8771Finally, almost six months later, inspiration hit. I decided to keep it super simple and stick with neutrals for this ensemble. Since this coat is VERY lightweight, it’s a perfect transition piece for the warm spring weather we’re experiencing here in Dallas. I like to add a third piece to my outfits whenever possible and this one is gorgeous. Leather leggings, a simple white tee and my new black wedges from Target made me feel incredibly chic, but it was super easy to wear and comfortable. Basically, the makings of a perfect outfit.

valery-brennan-8778Also let’s talk about these wedges for a second. I’ve been trying to find a pair of wedges that I love for quite a long time, but they never felt right. I wanted something comfortable and neutral enough to go with anything, but y’all know I need a little edge too. These lace up wedges from Target TOTALLY fit the bill and like most things around here, they won’t break the bank – can you ask for more? Now let me just try to practice some self control and not order them in tan too.

valery-brennan-8796 valery-brennan-8762 valery-brennan-8760The thing I love about an outfit made up of all basics like this is you can easily change it up to fit your personal style. Not loving the edgy look? Switch the leather leggings for basic black leggings or even black skinnies. Want something a bit more casual? Wear it with black flats or even some cute tennies. Need to dress it up a tad? Swap the wedges for some pumps and throw on a little more jewelry.

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valery-brennan-8754I usually advocate getting rid of things that you can’t find an outfit to pair it with, but I have to say this time around I’m thrilled that I was patient and waited until inspiration hit with this trenchcoat. I want to challenge you to dig through your closet and find that piece you’ve been avoiding. The one you love but you just cannot figure out how to wear and just WEAR it. If you need help, hit me up on social media and I’d be happy to try to make some suggestions!


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