Gentle and Affordable Skincare Routine

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This Skincare Routine is perfect for acne prone skin, especially those with rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin. Click through for the best skincare products for these skin types and an affordable skincare routine!When you’re a teenager, people tell you lots of lies, but my favorite one is “Once you’re past puberty, your skin will clear up.” I mean, that’s nice for some people, but not all of us have that luxury. I’m heading towards 30 at a rapid pace and I have the pleasure of fighting adult acne AND wrinkles. Joy! I know I’m not alone so I’m here to share with you how I have improved my skin over the last year.

In addition to acne, I also have rosacea and eczema. That’s one happy little love triangle inhabiting my face. Oh and did I mention I have really sensitive skin, too? Yikes. I know I’m not alone so I wanted to share my skincare routine – hopefully it’s helpful for anyone who has the same skin issues I do. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

1. Makeup remover

I use micellar water to remove my eye and face makeup. Since I use a gentle face cleanser, its important I wipe off my face makeup first because chances are the cleanser won’t remove it on its own. Micellar water is VERY gentle and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. A quick swipe of this keeps me from having to scrub my face with cleanser, so it’s definitely worth taking the extra step!
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2. Cleanser

For my face, the simpler the cleanser, the better. I spent years as a teenager trying to fight my acne with what I like to call “tingly” products. You know, the ones that make your face tingle trying to fight the acne and make you “feel” clean. Unfortunately if you’re like me and you have sensitive skin and/or rosacea, you’re just aggravating your skin. As a matter of fact, I learned that because my skin is sensitive, those products were actually causing some of the breakouts. Now I stick with gentle cleansers, my top two choices are Purpose or the GVP Mild Facial Wash from Sally Beauty (a dupe for the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap). Affordable and simple, they get the job done without irritating my skin.

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3. Exfoliation

Most of the time, I don’t. I know this is going to be a polarizing one, but it does NOT work for my skin. No matter what the method, it does nothing but irritate my skin. Occasionally I’ll use a washrag on my face if my skin gets flaky but other than that, unfortunately I just have to leave it alone.

4. Acne medication

This right here is the secret weapon. Up until I starting using Curology, my face just wouldn’t clear up! Curology is prescription acne medication that is tailored to fit your needs and prescribed to you by a dermatologist….all online. I know it sounds crazy, but I really love it. It’s $19/month, which includes the acne medicine and as much correspondence as you need with your dermatologist. They keep up with you via email and photos that you send in periodically. It’s so nice to not have to go in to an office or pay a co-pay each time I have a question for my dermatologist. $19 a month isn’t cheap but I keep the rest of my skincare routine very budget friendly so I’m happy to pay it. It’s also important to note that Curology isn’t just one type of medication, they change it based on your needs. If the first prescription isn’t working, just let the doctor know and they’ll adjust your medication. I also love that the medication isn’t super harsh on my skin, it doesn’t even make me feel dry. Just fyi, if you sign up using my Curology link, your get a free trial (and I get a little something too!)

5. Serum

Right now I keep it really simple with my serum, but I’d like to add some anti-aging in pretty soon. Right now I use the Hyaluronic Acid serum from The Ordinary. I’ve written about this serum before, but if you have dry skin it’s the best $7 you can spend. Hyaluronic acid is EXTREMELY moisturizing but it’s more like a gel so it’s hydrating without being oily.

6. Moisturizer

I follow up the serum with a hyaluronic-based moisturizer (I really love this stuff, y’all). This one is from Sally Beauty and is CRAZY budget friendly – it is a gel instead of a cream so it’s particularly nice for summer!

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That’s it! Okay I know it doesn’t *seem* that simple but compared to most skincare routines it’s pretty easy. Plus it’s super budget friendly! In the mornings, I skip the acne medication and if I’m in a big rush I skip the serum too (or just drop a few drops into my moisturizer).

I’m no dermatologist or skin expert, but this is the routine that has been working for me over the past few years. I’ve been INSANELY stressed the last few weeks and even though I’ve had some minor breakouts, the above routine has helped keep my skin relatively clear and (more importantly), it has made the lifespan of the pimples I *do* get much shorter.

If you have any questions about the above products, don’t hesitate to ask! Ps if you like it, don’t forget to pin it! <3


This Skincare Routine is perfect for acne prone skin, especially those with rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin. Click through for the best skincare products for these skin types and an affordable skincare routine!

7 thoughts on “Gentle and Affordable Skincare Routine

  1. Okay…so…I *hadn’t* had adult acne, but since the election I’ve been dealing with random break outs. I finally got my face under control, but now I’ve got chest acne(?) and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve been using my cleanser on my chest, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Do you have any suggestions? Clean and Clear’s Persa-Gel 10 is my go-to for spot treatment, so I was wondering if there’s something drying like that that I could use over a greater surface area, since it’s less individual spots and more general bumpiness?

    Just curious if this is something you’ve dealt with or have a go-to product for!

    1. Hey love! So body acne isn’t something I deal with often (except here and there, usually because I waited too long to shower after working out….just being honest). But my husband does, so I might be able to help! One thing that always helps him is using a mild/fragrance free body wash. He used to use “manly stuff” and it seems like that irritated him. Since then we’ve switched to Dove and a body wash owned by a small biz that I buy at the Vintage House. It’s a one woman operation made by a mom whose son has CRAZY sensitive skin so she started making her own products using goat’s milk from her goats. Super cool. Tea tree oil is also great for acne and definitely less *chemicaly* if you want to go a more natural route for a spot treatment. You can just put it on a cotton ball and use it like a toner. I haven’t bought it in a while but I used to just get mine at Trader Joe’s! Hope that helps! <3

  2. Thanks for writing this, again! I’m excited to sign up for Curology. I’m going to look into the GVP line because you have raved about that before! I got a tester size of the Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizer and would love a dupe of that!
    Like I said on Twitter, my biggest worry is breaking out during my wedding day. My breakouts have improved since I have been on birth control, but every so often I have a flare up that is hard to control. I want to live my life without being so concerned about what my skin is doing. It’s the only area that I have really struggled with for body confidence (which I know is privileged, but it plagues me more than I like to admit). One question about Curology: how do you feel about only using it once a day? I saw online that you only use it at night and you mentioned that in your post. Is it effective enough to only use once?
    Have you tried Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser? I LOVE it. I work at a salon the carries Aveda products and my boss got me to try this. I especially love that it’s not made with the beads that are bad for the environment. I talked about it and my other favorite beauty products in this recent blog post:

    1. The GVP Clinique moisturizer dupe is pretty much a perfect dupe from what I can tell! The pump isn’t great but the product itself is! I hope you have a lot of success with Curology, it has helped me so much! And even when I do have breakouts they’re WAY less intense and go away super quickly.
      As far as how often I use it, the doctor instructed me to only use it once a day so it might just depend on your prescription! I would definitely just use it as prescribed 🙂
      I haven’t tried that cleanser! I’ll definitely check out your post because I’d love to have an exfoliating product I like but so far they ALL irritate my skin like crazyyyyyyy. So frustrating!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the info 🙂 Would you mind sharing your curology prescription & how long til you started to see results? Thanks!

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