Five Style Lessons I Learned in New York City

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Style Lessons NYCThings have been a little quiet around here the last few weeks but I promise I have a good excuse! Four weeks ago, I spent a week in Tahoe with all of my incredible coworkers – we work remotely so this is the one time a year we all get to meet up. Then we hopped on a plane and headed straight to New Jersey to be with my in laws. THEN we decided to go ahead and make it to NYC since we were already so close. It was a fantastic trip but needless to say, by the third week I was pooped! OH and then when I got back in town, I got sick and have been fighting it off since then.

Thankfully I’m back in the swing of things, and after reflecting on my time in NYC, I realized that it really is an incredibly fashionable city. I know, I know – everyone knows NYC is a huge fashion capital. But I don’t just mean the designers, I’m talking the people of New York City. The street style there is impeccable, I swear to you every time I got on the subway I was complimenting someone in my mind…..but never aloud because no one talks to anyone on the subway.

Here are five things that I picked up on from street style savvy New Yorkers that I plan on incorporating into my style routine ASAP.

  1. Booties are king – Seriously ladies, if you don’t have any booties you’re missing out. Babes in New York city wear them with anything and everything and they look great. Don’t even worry about the brand, as a matter of fact, I was oggling a pair of booties on the subway and a few days later happened to stumble across them on! I’ve bought two pairs of booties since I got back from New York…oops.
  2. When in doubt, wear black and white – I cannot tell you how many people I saw wearing all black and white and they were KILLING IT! Seriously if you don’t know what to wear, throw on some black and white pieces and call it a day.
  3. Layer, layer, layer – I know they get a lot of practice but holy cow New Yorkers are layering royalty. Scarves, hats, jackets, button down shirts, they’re layering it all and they look effortless and chic.
  4. If it’s November, you dress for fall…even if it’s 70 degrees – Sigh, much to my dismay I learned this the hard way. It was unseasonably warm in New York when we were there so the last day I said “screw it” and left my jacket at home. I’ve never felt SO silly wearing a t shirt, y’all! Everyone was still wearing their jackets and cardigans like it was nothing – even on the freaking hot subway! So now I know, you dress for fall even if it doesn’t feel like fall.
  5. Black and white tennies are a must-have – As soon as I got home, I added some black and white tennis shoes to my Christmas wish list. Obviously they dress down an outfit but I saw plenty of people totally rocking them! Tights and a dress? Check. Skinny jeans and a denim jacket? Check. Blazer? Check. Everyone looked super chic but didn’t have to worry about sore feet at the end of the day….win!

I was so swamped in NYC I didn’t take a single outfit photo! Not one! I take that as a good sign. I’ll leave you with this photo of me….read the caption for the tragic story behind my sad face. Also I’ve got TONS of great content lined up for you including FOUR new YouTube videos that I recorded today!


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