February Small Goals

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Feb Small GoalsLast month I linked up with Nicole of Writes Like a Girl for the very first time for her monthly small goals. Not to make excuses (but I’m totally about to make one) going out of town twice in one month definitely set me back a bit. Let’s not dilly dally, here’s how I did:

  1. Read a book – Sigh, okay so I didn’t quite finish. BUT I started and I’m doing better with reading in my downtime instead of watching tv or browsing social media so it’s a start!
  2. Post here 3-4 times a week – Nailed it! Posted 3 times each week and I’m on track to do the same (or more) in February!
  3. Engage more on social media – I definitely could have done better with this but I think I did a BIT more engaging than previously. Either way, I can do better but I’m calling it a win this time because I need it.
  4. Post at least 2 YouTube videos – Well, I got two in so I did it! The good news is, I’ve got another video that’s essentially done so I’m on track to keep posting regularly on YouTube.
  5. Come up with a spending limit for 2016 for clothesDone! My husband and I revamped our budget and I came up with a limit of $150 per month for myself. I exceeded it a bit in January because of travel but I’m planning on being much stricter in February.
  6. Establish a workout routine and stick to it – Established, yes, stuck to it? Not quite. Travel got me with this one too.
  7. Practice hand lettering – See above. Travel, excuses, etc.

Okay so 4 out of 7 isn’t great but I guess it could be worse! Here are my small goals for February:

  1. Hit 3000 followers on Instagram – I feel kind of weird putting that number out there but I guess that’s part of this. I think if I’m posting great content regularly + engaging more I can easily do it.
  2. No meat for the month – This one’s kind of cheap but I’m putting it anyway. I need a win after last month! My husband and I have committed to being vegetarians for the month – we did it last year and it’s not as hard as we thought it was! I’ve got meals planned out and groceries for the week so we should be all set. For me this one all comes down to planning.
  3. Work out at least 3x a week – I’m hoping to do more but this is going to be my minimum. Thankfully I’m better about working out when I’m being conscious about what I eat so hopefully I’ll be able to nail it!
  4. Keep our home clean and tidy – I am SUCH a messy person, y’all. Bless my husband for dealing with it. We cleaned our home like CRAZY before we left for Chicago because we had people staying at our place while we were gone. We’ve done a pretty good job maintaining it and I would love to keep it clean throughout the month too.
  5. Finalize new branding – I’m super proud of my content lately but my logo leaves a little something to be desired. I designed it myself and I like it but it doesn’t really go with the flow of everything else. Looking forward to having something that represents me and my brand a little better.

What are you working on this month? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to head over to Nicole’s blog to see her small goals!


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      1. Go to easy meals for me would stir fry or spaghetti. Both of those are so quick and I usually have the ingredients on hand. One go to we’ve been having a lot is different kinds of curry. Target actually has amazing jarred curry sauce that we keep a few jars on hand. Mix with some quinoa and veggies and tofu and it’s a winner in my book!

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