Favorite Winter Trends

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2016 has been a rough year for a lot of us, but if there’s one thing Iv’e been loving in 2016, it’s the trends. I think it’s just because so many of them fit into my personal style so seamlessly but I’m just loving them! Since we’re knee deep in winter, with a few months left to go, I wanted to share some of my favorite winter trends for 2016! It was tough to narrow it down to just a few, but I managed to do it!


In case you missed the Diversity Chic post earlier this week – yep, I’m totally velvet obsessed. I actually have some velvet OTK boots that will be making their way to the blog next week! Right now, I’m especially loving velvet dresses and velvet booties…but seriously, anything velvet. Click here to shop velvet dresses or here to shop velvet booties.


Okay so I know booties have been “on trend” for quite a while, but I’m still loving them. They’re so easy to style and can be worn really all year round. This year I finally bought a nice pair of Sam Edelmans and I cannot wait to wear them over and over again. Click here to shop booties (lots of options under $100)!

Trench Coat 

I almost didn’t put this on the list – is something really a trend if it’s pretty much always “in style?” I think a trench coat is one of those things you can really invest in because it’s going to last you forever but they’re especially huge for 2016. You might put it away for a few seasons but I can almost guarantee you’ll pull it out of your closet again and be glad you still have it. Click here to shop trench coats.

Dark Florals

Florals have been all the rage for just about as long as I can remember, but I love that this year they transitioned into fall and winter, too! So far I only have a pair of dark floral booties but I’m hoping to add a dark floral dress to my closet soon. Click here to shop dark florals. 

Bomber Jackets

At first I was going to include moto jackets on this list but I’m salty because I CANNOT find a moto jacket that works for me and it’s making me crazyyyyy. Instead, I’m including bomber jackets! I think they’re much easier to find a good fit, usually less expensive and really easy to style. Plus they come in tons of colors, patterns, and you can even get embroidered bomber jackets (my fave). Click here to shop bomber jackets.

Over the Knee Boots

I’ll admit – I was *very* apprehensive about this one. I didn’t want to give off hooker vibes, and let’s be honest, OTK boots can do that. Fortunately, as long as you style them right you’re just fine! Click here to shop OTK boots.

  • What trends are you loving for winter?
  • Are you participating in any of the above trends?


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