Favorite Looks of 2016

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Okay sooo I’m a smidge late on this post BUT I wanted to revisit some of my favorite looks from 2016. This is always an interesting exercise because it’s amazing how much your style can evolve just in a single year. I feel like by the end of 2016, I had really come into my own as far as style goes. I know what I like and I know what speaks to me. Last year I said that my style was maturing a bit and I think that’s even more true this year. Who knows, by the end of 2017 I might be wearing pantsuits! lol no.

Here they are, in chronological order! (Link to the post directly below each photo.)

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Here’s Why My Hair is Blonde Now

I Don’t Have It Together. Not Even Close.

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Diversity Chic | Blazing a Trail

Statement Piece on Statement Piece on Statement Piece

The Best and Worst Ways to Follow Bloggers

What to Wear with a Poncho

Strutting Into 2017

Clearly this year I shifted to lots and lots of neutrals and I’m 100% into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this continues through 2017 but then again…I can’t really commit to anything ever (see: the post about me changing my hair to blonde). Most of these looks have a third piece (either a jacket, hat or statement jewelry), which comes as no surprise to me. Click here to read why adding a third┬ápiece makes a huge difference in putting together an outfit.

Looking forward to 2017, I plan on continuing my trend of lots of neutrals in unique silhouettes and pairings to keep things interesting. I’m kind of curious to see what happens in spring/summer, but only time will tell! I also want to do better about taking photos in some of the same pieces so you guys can see how I wear different things instead of just photographing one outfit.

Happy 2017, loves! Here’s to lots more looks this year.


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