Fall & Winter Wish List

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*old photo alert because I don’t have any new “fall looks” yet*

Y’all, it’s already like fifty degrees in Denver and I’m freaking out. Why is it so cold?! We’ve officially hit fall and I guess now I live in a place where fall is a real thing and I need to get my wardrobe in check like….yesterday. So naturally I made a wish list that I’m sharing with you guys!

I don’t really believe in buying pieces for just one season, so most of what’s listed here can be transitioned to winter or back to spring when it warms up. For super trendy pieces, I like to shop fast fashion or even secondhand, but for basics that I know I’ll wear time and time again, it’s nice to splurge a bit and get something that will last. Because honestly, what’s more tragic than throwing out something you love because it got destroyed in the wash?

One of my favorite places for high quality basics is Shopbop. They’re having an AMAZING sale right *now* so it’s the perfect time to grab some of those fall pieces – 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500. Usually I wait until I’m in the middle of fall to start thinking about buying fall clothes….don’t be like me! 

What’s on my Fall Wishlist:

Another pair of snow safe boots – Right now I think I only have one pair of boots that’s really “snow friendly.” Since I live in a place where it snows like…all winter long…that’s not gonna cut it. my current boots are Sperrys and I love them so I might just get another pair, but if you have another suggestion let me know. Help me, people who have lived in cold weather climates before!

Oversized sweaters – This is one “fall trend” that has been around for ages and I’ve never really participated. This year, that changes. I want some oversized sweaters, especially to wear during the day when I’m working from home so I’m not just wearing beat up hoodies and sweats. I’ll likely buy these secondhand because I ruin sweaters a lot because apparently I’m a child.

Jeans without holes in them – I wore my destroyed jeans this past weekend when it was 50 degrees and rainy. It was not a fun time. Pretty much all of my pants have at least one hole in them, so I need to remedy that ASAP. Blank Denim tends to be my go-to brand because I know they fit me well and are nice quality.

Black denim jacket – I’m trying to up my jacket game, especially for fall, by adding a few more casual jackets. I have a denim jacket but lately I’ve been loving the idea of adding in a black denim jacket. Because if there’s one thing I need in my wardrobe, it’s more black. Seriously though, this one is calling my name.

A pantsuit – Pantsuits are a big trend right now and I’m stoked about it. I want to get a really great pantsuit, and I’m leaning towards something floral. I’m sure once I find it, you’ll be seeing it on the blog so stay tuned.

More faux fur – When we decided to move, I told my husband I was going to be buying more faux fur coats. I was not joking. My extraness knows no bounds.

Tan over the knee boots – I have black OTK boots and indigo velvet ones (practical, I know!), but now I need some tan ones…or some variation of tan that’s semi-close to my skin tone. I would imagine they will be leg-lengthening but I haven’t tried any on, so don’t quote me on that.

Cuter “loungewear” – As I mentioned above, I work from home and would really like to invest in some cuter loungewear so I can wear something besides pajamas or a robe when I’m cold. Also some tights that don’t have a hole in the butt would probably be good (does that happen to anyone else?! Maybe it’s a big booty prob.) Loungewear people, give me your best suggestions because I don’t really know where to begin. This is pretty far outside my normal wardrobe needs.

I could probably think of more things, but I’m cutting myself off now before this list gets too out of hand. Although I bet when I read back over this I’ll think of a few more things…oops?

  • Is it already cold where you are? How are you surviving?!
  • What’s on your fall wishlist?


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