On Failing and An Ivy Park Bodysuit

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valery-brennan-ivy-park-7387 2Warning: lots of moody faces in these awesome photos by Stephanie Drenka. Apparently I was really trying to channel my inner Sasha Fierce or something.

June is almost over and one thing I really wanted to accomplish (that I didn’t include in my small goals list) was to complete my June Instagram Challenge. Everything looked GREAT. I had easy prompts that I knew I could find photos for, I made a cute graphic and I even remembered to post it on my blog!

valery-brennan-ivy-park-7317 valery-brennan-ivy-park-7425Then I totally failed.

Like, it’s day 21 of June and I’ve posted a total of 12 photos. Yikes. But you know…what I’m forgiving myself. I could make excuses, and honestly they would be legitimate, but I’m not even going to bother.

I feel like it’s really easy to beat yourself up over things, especially when it’s a failure that’s public and something that’s not even that hard to accomplish….but don’t do it. We are quick to forgive others for not following through with small, unimportant things – so why not offer ourselves the same compassion?

valery-brennan-ivy-park-7404 2 valery-brennan-ivy-park-7321So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m going to do my best to finish out strong with the challenge but you know what, if I miss a day I miss a day. I’d be willing to bet a lot of you didn’t even notice but I’m sharing it with you because 1. I believe in transparency and 2. I want you to be kind to yourself.

valery-brennan-ivy-park-7348 valery-brennan-ivy-park-7331 2 valery-brennan-ivy-park-7340Oh and you might notice that I’m wearing another Ivy Park look today – you can check out the first look here. I love this bodysuit but if I’m being totally honest, I haven’t worn it since this photoshoot. My booty totally hangs out of it (only Kaia doesn’t have me looking like Beyonce YET) and it’s just not that comfortable. Also there are no snaps so getting in and out of it is quite a challenge. Bad design, Topshop. Thankfully I love the look so much I don’t have buyer’s remorse…just letting you know the reality.

So what 2 things have we learned today?

  1. Offer yourself kindness and forgive yourself when you messed up.
  2. This bodysuit isn’t very comfortable but dang it looks cool.


ps Maybe tomorrow is Diversity Chic day, maybe it’s not! (It is).

2 thoughts on “On Failing and An Ivy Park Bodysuit

  1. Hi Valery!

    This is such a great article! You’re totally right. We are so much harder on ourselves than we are on others. That bodysuit looks amazing on you. I love bodysuits, but I never know how to wear them. I firmly believe that all bodysuits should have snaps on them. It’s weird to have to get completely naked, just to use the bathroom. At least they look fabulous!

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