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You might have seen my post a few weeks ago that was all about my new business, Everyday Unicorns. I’m so dang lucky that my three amazing besties wanted to do a photo shoot featuring Everyday Unicorns gear. Seriously guys, when they pitched this idea to me I was FLOORED. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s so freaking important to surround yourself with people who are supportive and kind. They are my biggest cheerleaders and it’s one thing to have people show you support with their words, but these ladies support with their actions!

On Denise:

When I asked Denise to choose her shirt, I was SO stoked she chose this crop! I think it fits her hilarious personality perfectly, plus the girl knows how to rock a crop top like no one’s business! I love that she styled it with a cute skirt and moto jacket, the pastel color of the skirt help bring out the pastels in the donut but the jacket brings the edge. Just FYI, the design on this shirt is definitely darker than it appears here in photos!

Sizing: This shirt definitely runs small, Denise is wearing the M/L. This size fits me as well but just barely (I usually wear about a 6 in tops). I am working on getting a different brand of crop tops that come in a larger variety of sizes so if you’re interested in that, hold tight! Feel free to leave me a comment if you want to be notified when that shirt is available.

Click here to shop the Donut Touch crop top.

On Stephanie:

First off, how does Stephanie look so elegant in a tshirt?! Seriously. This shirt is perfect for Stephanie because not only does it tie into her political beliefs, it also matches the way she lives her life. Stephanie is such a strong and fiercely independent woman and she is most certainly persistent. When she sets her mind to something, she fights until she gets in, no matter who or what stands in her way.

Sizing: This shirt is unisex and fits true to size. I wear a medium and miiiight be able to get away with a small.

Click here to shop the Nevertheless She Persisted shirt.

On Sevi:

I cannot get over the cuteness of Sevi in the Diamonds Aren’t Forever baseball tee. I mean come on, that baby bump!!! I love this shirt because it’s funny and feminist friendly but light hearted enough that you can wear it out without having to worry about anyone speaking to you. I get it, sometimes you don’t want to invite a possible argument with a stranger.

Sizing: This shirt is unisex and runs large, I would recommend ladies size down. I wear a medium (literally wearing it as a write this), which is my normal unisex size, and now that it has been washed it fits okay but I would prefer a small.

Click here to shop the Diamonds Aren’t Forever baseball tee.

On me:

Y’all this shirt is so fun to wear out. Fellow feminists compliment it, and sometimes I get weird looks but that’s fine. So far no one has told me to smile while wearing it, so I call that a win. This shirt is a tad more fitted than my normal preference, so I just tied a flannel around my waist. Not only does it hide my muffin top, it also gives the look a bit more grunge. I wore my ridiculously distressed black jeans with fishnets under and studded heels. Of course you can also go the non-grunge route and make the outfit really sweet and cute, which I think is a fun contrast to the nature of the shirt.

Sizing: Like most “ladies” cut shirts, this shirt does run smaller. I’m wearing a large here, and I might even be able to fit an XL. Consult the size chart for measurements!

Click here to shop the Don’t Tell Me to Smile Ladies Tee.

All of these shirts (and more!) are available now on everydayunicorns.com – use the code diversitychic for 15% off your order!

Two quick Diversity Chic related items!

1. If you’re a blogger and you have a green outfit of any kind, make sure to link your looks up on this post! You can also post on social media with the hashtag #diversitychic and tag me!

2. WE FORGOT TO ANNOUNCE NEXT MONTH’S THEME (again). Clearly we’re still getting into the swing of this whole link up thing, so please stick with us! We’re so excited for April’s theme…we’ll be tackling rain gear! I know when it rains, I have to REALLY think about my outfits so I’m really excited to get some new ideas from you guys. Make sure to be planning your rainy day outfits and we’ll have our link up go live later this month.


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  1. *sniff* i just got so emotional reading this post. thank you for your kind words, and for sharing your creativity and message with the world. proud of you!!

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