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I know first hand it’s easy to end up with WAY too many brushes you don’t need, so here are my “essential” brushes – these are the ones I use daily and if I had to narrow it down I could get by with just these! This was actually supposed to be a part of yesterday’s post about building a makeup kit but I had to try to make it at least a liiiiiiittle bit shorter. 

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Believe it or not, with these brushes you can create your entire makeup look! $24 and you’re set!

only makeup brushes you needBrushes –

  • Real Techniques Blush Brush ($9) This seriously changed my blush game. I’m SO much more comfortable with applying blush and I feel like it goes on way more evenly. Worth every penny.
  • Beauty Blender ($18) – I was kind of a Beauty Blender hater for a while but honestly I LOVE how many things you can use them for. I use mine to apply my foundation, concealer and translucent powder. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, try the Real Techniques version for $7!
  • Eyeshadow Crease Brush – if you have can only invest in one eyeshadow brush, get a “C” brush. My favorite one is from Bdellium Tools and it’s $7. If you want something you can grab at the store, elf has a pretty good option that’s $3 – not quite as soft as the Bdellium tools but it gets the job done. Then you can just use your fingers to pat shadow onto the main part of your lid and your brow bone.
  • elf Small Tapered Brush ($2) – This brush is perfect for applying highlighter and contour (just make sure to get the excess product off before you switch to one or the other!) And don’t forget to blend that contour!!!
  • elf Eyebrow Duo Brush ($3) – This 2 in 1 is the way to go for brows. 

For real, that’s all you need to create your entire look! You don’t need to buy a 20 brush set like I did. Save your money and only spend what you need to!

What are your favorite brand of brushes? Have you tried any of these?


8 thoughts on “Essential Makeup Brushes

  1. I absolutely love the real techniques brushes and sponge, as well as the elf studio brushes! I love using the ELF studio blush brush, and the ecotools airbrush concealer brush for setting my undereyes!

    In case any of your readers are Australian, I thought I’d mention that you can get Real Techniques, Elf and Ecotools brushes without paying $25 a brush from Priceline! You can get them for like $12 at iHerb (: (and this is not sponsored at all, just to spread the news!)

    – Jess xx |

  2. This is so helpful because brushes can be so overwhelming. All the different shapes and uses! Definitely going to cull my brushes and keep the essentials out!

  3. Have you tried the Real Techniques’ “Beauty Blender”? For under $10 it’s amazing. Very dense and works just as well as the $20 alternatives!

    1. (Clearly I’m behind on replying to comments, sorry about that!) I haven’t tried it but I’m about to need a replacement and I’m suuuuper excited to try it! Glad to hear it works well!!!

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