Elf Cosmetics Review + Get Ready With Me Video

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I’m trying something TOTALLY new today so y’all please leave me feedback – positive or otherwise! I’ve got a getting ready with me video combined with a review! Instead of taking photos, I pulled out some GIFs from the video so you guys can get a visual for the products! If you watch this video, the only sound is a quick intro at the beginning, after that it’s just music so you can watch without sound and still see the full look!

IMG_8336The thing I love about this look is it’s a little glitzy but not TOO much so – I wore it to a movie date and I don’t think it was overly flashy. BUT it’d be a perfect NYE look too! You can use any shadow you have, I used some purples for the crease but a black or grey would be gorgeous too. The elf Lustrous shadow in Toast is a must-have product though! And at $3 you can’t beat it.

SO watch the video, then check out the product reviews below!

elf Cosmetics Shadow Lock Eye Primer ($2) – I live and die by this. Literally don’t put on makeup without it – keeps your eyeshadow from creasing all day.

elf Cosmetics Sculpting Face Brush ($6) – Definitely don’t use this brush for foundation – the shape isn’t right, despite the fact that it says online it can be used for foundation. I think it would be much better for contouring. The bristles are super soft though, and no shedding so far.

elf Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain ($6) – Ehhhh I give this a C. I don’t really like it on it’s own but sometimes I’ll mix it with other foundations and it gets the job done.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ($17) – There’s nothing I can say about this stuff that hasn’t already been said except my cheap self will splurge on it, so that says something.

Sonia Kashuk Clear Brow Gel ($6) – Good stuff but not any different than other brow gels.

elf Cosmetics Clay Eyeshadow Palette in Smoked to Perfection ($6) – I usually love elf shadows but I’m not convinced by this palette. The lightest color has zero pigmentation and they’re all pretty chalky. One thing I do like is that it comes with instructions on where to place each color, so it might be worth choosing one of the other sets.

elf Cosmetics Crease Brush ($3) – Not quite as good as my Bdellium brush but for $3 it definitely gets the job done. Everyone needs a crease brush, so if you don’t have one, treat yo self.

elf Cosmetics Long Lasting Lustrous Shadow in Toast ($3) – I think what you see in the video speaks volumes but holy goodness I love this stuff. I haven’t worn it ALL day but I had it on from 5pm until about 2am with zero creasing or transfer.

elf Cosmetics Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Sunset ($10) – Looooove this palette. This time around I just used the lightest shade but all of the shadows are insanely creamy and pigmented.

NYX Cosmetics HD Photogenic Concealer ($6) – Ride or die concealer. I haven’t tried anything else since I found this dupe for the NARS Creamy Concealer.

Beauty Blender ($20) – I love my beauty blender for foundation, highlight and cream contouring. I’m planning on trying out the Real Techniques dupe though – at 1/4 of the cost it’s worth a shot.

elf Cosmetics Bronzer Palette ($6) – Love this and perfect for contouring/bronzing newbies because it comes with several shades.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($9) – Super versatile and soft brush – Real Techniques is where it’s at.

elf Cosmetics Blush Palette – Light ($6) – Same as the bronzer palette, a few shades and perfect if you want to try out some new blush colors. Not the best blushes I’ve ever used but great for the price.

Real Techniques Blush Brush ($9) – Seriously CHANGED my blush game. Can’t recommend this brush enough.

elf Cosmetics High Definition Powder ($6) – Great setting powder (looks different in this video because the elf packaging is big so I put it in my old NYX powder case!)

elf Cosmetics Illuminating Palette ($6) – See Bronzer + Blush above

elf Cosmetics Pointed Foundation Brush ($3) – Good if you need a brush this size but nothing special.

elf Cosmetics Smudge Brush ($1) – I use this brush every single time I wear makeup to smudge eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

elf Cosmetics Thick Tip Intense Ink Eyeliner ($3) – I like this liner a lot but it’ll be too thick for some people. It’s almost impossible to get it any thinner than I did, if you don’t want a thick line try the same liner in the regular version.

elf Cosmetics 3-in-1 Mascara ($3) – Nope. Don’t buy this mascara. Doesn’t really work that well and takes FOREVER to dry. 15 mins later and my top and bottom lashes were still sticking together.

Posh Lashes #218 ($2) – Love these lashes. Falsies for President.

Duo Lash Adhesive Clear ($6) – Fabulous lash adhesive, can’t go wrong.

NYX Cosmetics Wonder Pencil ($5) – A great alternative to a white pencil on the waterline that’s a little more neutral. You can use this pencil for lots of other stuff too like concealing, framing the brows or using it as a reverse lipliner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator ($3) – A must-have winter product, keeps crusty lips at bay.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip – Guess ($6) – Swoon. I’ve never used Colourpop before but give me more NOW. I will say it’s VERY drying but it doesn’t look drying (versus the LASplash Cosmetics matte lipstick I used that made my lips look flaky and awful).

PHEW that’s it! If you stuck around, thanks! If not, that’s okay too. Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!



6 thoughts on “Elf Cosmetics Review + Get Ready With Me Video

  1. Love it! Now if only I had all those products and tools, and the patience to re-create this look myself!! Lol

    I probably could do my own lazy version of it with like half the steps. May not have the same results but if I do the basic base steps, I’m sure it would turn out fine.

    1. For sure! It’s taken me time to build up to this much makeup + brushes so just start with what you have. I would say the most important things in this video (at least in my opinion) are a good eyeshadow primer and crease brush. You can pretty much create any look from there!

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