elf Aqua Beauty Review

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WELL GUYS I recorded a video for this twice and was out of focus both times, so I’m giving up on that. Sorry boutcha, but a write up of this is just going to have to suffice. For now, you can find me crying in a corner.

Do you ever get an email about a new product and then feel like you have to buy it right away? That was totally me when I saw the new elf Aqua Beauty products. I am not much of a “natural makeup” girl, but with spring and summer (aka 100 degree weather) rapidly approaching, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the glowy, natural look.

At first glance, the Aqua Beauty products were perfect – lovely lip stains and the molten liquid eyeshadow…I could already see myself on the beach looking like one of those people who somehow looks cute at the beach. (Okay probably not.) Of course, I put all three lip stains and one of the eyeshadows in my cart. I usually have really good luck with lip products so it seemed like the safe bet.

So what did I think?

elf Aqua Beauty Molten Eyeshadow ($4)

  • surprisingly long wearing
  • you’ll still want a primer (I use the elf Shadow Lock Primer in Clear and it does the trick)
  • swipe the eyeshadow on, then blend out a tad with your fingertips – you don’t need a brush!
  • make sure to keep your eyes closed until it’s completely dry (it takes a bit!)
  • perfect summer/semi-natural look for a glowy face

(Am I the only one who ALWAYS makes that face ^ when applying makeup?! Please tell me someone else does it too.)

elf Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain ($4)

  • Red Orange is not red orange at all…do not be confused
  • they only sent me Red Orange Wash and Rouge Radiance (even though I ordered all three) soooo I can’t give feedback on Dewy Berry
  • has a very strange scent and taste – usually I’m not particular about this but it was very off putting to me
  • basically just gives a “I just drank Kool Aid” vibe…but not in a cute way
  • takes two layers to see any color, if you apply a third color it gets splotchy and settles in the wrinkles of your lips

In short – the Molten Eyeshadow is bomb and will be on heavy rotation this summer, the Radiant Gel Lip Stain is already in my trash can. Bummer.

Have you used any great (or terrible) new products lately?! Spill the beans!


elf aqua beauty review

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  1. I can’t even see that much of a difference between the lip color shades. And I agree, it looks like you just had a Popsicle or something!

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