28 EASY Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Need an easy last minute costume? Check out this list of easy pop culture inspired costumes, perfect for your next Halloween party! | Halloween costume idea | Halloween costume inspiration | Halloween costume 2017 | pop culture costume | pop culture halloween costumeNow that October is here (HOW?!), it’s the most wonderful time of the year! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas too but there’s just something so fun about the Halloween season. That being said, we’ve all been there before – you get invited to a Halloween party, procrastinate on your costume and then your brain stops working. I swear, anytime I have to do a last-minute costume it’s like my pop culture side of the brain says “nope…not gonna help.” Well, suck it pop culture side of the brain because I’m here to help!

Also, yes, that IS me dressed as Edward Scissorhands, as photographed by Lindsay Steele. And no, that was NOT an easy costume so it is NOT on this list haha.

Here’s a huge list of pop culture inspired costumes that can (mostly) be made up of stuff you already have in your closet! A few of them take some extra time or maybe some special hair and makeup but if you follow the suggested items you’ll pull off an awesome Halloween costume!

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  1. Wednesday Adams from the Addams Family
    • Black sheath dress (don’t forget to add a white collar!)
    • Tall black socks or black tights
    • basically any black shoes
    • pig tail braids

  2. Rosie the Riveter
    • Blue button down with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow
    • Any kind of bottom will due but jeans probably make the most sense
    • Hair pulled back into a red bandana (red with white polka dots, to be the most accurate)

    Rosie The Riveter Flexing Her Arm Muscles, We Can Do It! - Free Pictures at Historical Stock Photos.com

  3. Sandy Olsson aka Olivia Newton John in Grease
    •  faux leather leggings
    • off the shoulder black top (super easy to find now that they’re so popular)
    • red heels
    • teased hair and heavy makeup
    • leather jacket (optional)
    • bonus points if you carry a cigarette and call everyone “stud”
  4. Steve Jobs
    • black turtle neck
    • dad jeans
    • white tennis shoes
    • glasses
  5. Holly Golightly aka Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    • little black dress
    • black gloves
    • pearls
    • tiara
    • bonus points for a long cigarette holder

  6.  Tobias Funke
    • jean short cutoffs + blue body paint
    • that’s literally it
  7. Patrick Bateman aka Christian Bale in American Psycho
    • 80s style work attire (ill fitting pants, suspenders, oversized dress shirt, etc)
    • fake knife or axe
    • splattered blood on your face and clothes
    • bonus points if you pass out business cards

  8. The Dude aka Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski
    • boxer shorts
    • white t shirt
    • a robe or Aztec patterned cardigan
    • Sandals – bonus points if you have Jelly sandals!
  9. ANYONE from Orange is the New Black 
    • tan or orange scrubs
    • hair and makeup according to your favorite character….just PLEASE DO NOT pull a Julianne Hough. If you’re white, you don’t need to do blackface to be an African American character.

  10. Nick Fury from The Avengers
    • black pants, belt shirt
    • black long coat
    • black gloves
    • black eye patch
    • if you have long hair, you can slick it back for a bald effect
  11. Carrie
    • any long formal dress
  12. Resident of the Capitol in the Hunger Games
    • TONS of colorful makeup – the crazier the better
    • very fancy, very bright colored clothing – again, the crazier the better
    • this would also be a perfect group costume
  13.  Kelly Kapowski
    • super 90s clothes – crop tops, cut off sweatshirt, overalls, keds, anything acid wash, floral, denim vest or jacket
    • minimal makeup
    • feathered bangs

  14. The Todd from Scrubs
    • scrubs….duh 🙂
    • flame bandana
    • cut the sleeves off your scrubs and write DOC on your arm
  15. Heath Ledger’s Joker
    • makeup and hair is really all that matters here
    • try to match the outfit if you can but seriously…get the makeup right and you’re golden
  16. Underwear wearing Walter White
    • green button down shirt, half tucked
    • white underpants or short shorts
    • brown socks
    • tan shoes
    • fake gun
    • glasses
  17. Literally any male character from Mad Men
    • wear a fitted suit and skinny tie
    • carry around a glass of booze (or apple juice if you prefer)

  18. Kimmy Schmidt aka Ellie Kemper in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    • bright colored pants
    • bright colored cardigan
    • floral shirt
    • bonus points for a backpack

  19. Andy aka Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer
    • Denim jacket
    • blue jeans
    • black wolf moon shirt (a band t shirt would probably work too)
    • aviators
    • black converse
    • bonus points if you wear a shell necklace
  20. Coop in Wet Hot American Summer
    • bowl cut wig (this is essential!)
    • shell necklace
    • fedora that’s clearly too small for you
    • bonus points if you cut the sleeves off a jersey and wear it
  21. Chef from Wet Hot American Summer (I can’t help it that their costumes are awesome and easy to recreate)
    • blue t shirt with cut off sleeves, cropped and a cut neckline
    • jeans
    • white tennis shoes
    • white apron
    • blue bandana (stars, if you can find one)

  22. Cookie Lyons from Empire
    • the tightest, sassiest thing you have in your closet
    • fur coat would get the point across perfectly
    • the MOST important thing is your attitude

  23. Leslie Knope aka Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation
    • a suit….duh
    • a giant binder with a ridiculously decorated cover (full of course)
    • pink lipstick – it’s her signature!
  24. Jimmy Fallon with his messed up finger
    • a suit….again, duh
    • wrap up the ring finger on your left hand
    • act goofy, dance and name drop Justin Timberlake constantly

  25. Daria from…Daria
    • black skirt
    • orange t shirt
    • green blazer or jacket
    • thick rimmed glasses
    • combat boots
  26. Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    • messy/greasy hair
    • put silver makeup over your mouth/nose (so it looks like you’ve been huffing silver spraypaint)
    • long underwear (the dirtier and holier, the better)
    • bonus points if you perform a very strange but beautiful song at a keyboard
  27. Doug Funnie from Doug
    • white t shirt
    • green sweater vest
    • khaki shorts
    • red Converse or sneakers with visible socks
    • bonus points if you dress up as Quailman instead
  28. Claire Dearing aka Bryce Dallas Howard from Jurassic World
    • a white a-line, pencil or midi skirt
    • dirty tank top tucked into the skirt
    • sensible pumps, awesome makeup and perfectly tousled hair
    • optional: white button down tied

PHEW that’s it! Hopefully you’ve got an awesome Halloween costume ideas now – now start prepping, Halloween will be here before you know it! Oh and guess what….I’ve got MORE Halloween costume ideas on the way for you! Short haired babes, I know how hard it is to find costumes so I’ve got a list ready AND I’ve got a list of couples costumes too! Stay tuned for those!


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2 thoughts on “28 EASY Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes

  1. I love Jimmy Fallon!! Lol so random but they all make complete sense. One of the easiest costumes I ever did that was super easy and already in my closet was Tom Cruise, “Risky Business” – Oversized white button down with white brief underwear (substitute Soffe shorts under neath), some white shin socks, and some sunglasses. Could also double as a “costume-ception” by going dressed as David Arquette’s character Rob (Drew Barrymore’s big brother in “Never Been Kissed”). That would be so rufus! …. #90s

    1. Haha it was a REALLY random list but I wanted to make sure to include something for everyone! I actually ALMOST included the Risky Business costume – easy and classic. Freaking love the idea of doing a double costume though as Rob!!! Genius!!!!!!

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