DIY Party Like Gatsby Mirror ($5 and 15 minute project!)

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There’s nothing better than a DIY project that takes less than 15 minutes. Wait. There is. What about a DIY project that takes less than 15 minutes AND costs less than 5 bucks?! Yes, they exist and I’m about to share one with you.

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Above photo by Stephanie Drenka – this also doubles as a sneak peek of our With Love From Rigby styled shoot from last week! Can’t wait for you to see the rest 🙂

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What you need:

  • A mirror (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree – I’m not sure if they have them all the time so I think I’m going to go snag a few more for gifts)
  • Stick on letters (mine were $2.50 at Target and I LOVE them. They were almost too big so if you want a longer phrase, but the smaller letters. I found these in the art supply section with the poster boards.)
  • Washi tape to make it easy to line everything up (I’m sure other kinds of tape works too, but I know washi is really easy to remove so I think it’s the best bet. You can often find it in the Target dollar section).
  • Measuring tape or ruler, which you should already have somewhere!
  • Total cost: $4.50, assuming you have a measuring tape (less if you already have washi tape too!)

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1. Clean your mirror! It’ll probably get dirty again but go ahead and clean it to get all the dust off. Of course let it dry completely before you start the project.

2. Choose your phrase. Make sure you have space for your words, I knew mine, Party Like Gatsby, would be three rows so I had to double check that the letters would fit since they were huge. Make sure it’s short!

3. Use a measuring tape and find the center of the mirror. I used washi tape to make a little cross where they intersect, it made lining up the letters super easy.

4. Start with the middle letter on the top and bottom rows. So I made sure I lined up the middle of the R in party to line up with the vertical piece of washi tape. Note: For some reason I thought Gatsby had five letters….which is why you’ll see the bottom row I had the letter T there. Oops!

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5. Slowly and carefully add the rest of your letters! You can use a long piece of tape as a horizontal guide so your words are straight. You might have to move things around a bit (especially if you can’t count properly, like me!) I had to also move “LIKE” around a bit, because the I is so skinny.

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That’s it! That’s the whole project! Now you have a cute little mirror to do whatever you please with! I’m planning on doing a second one that says “BOW DOWN” because everyone should feel like Beyonce when they put on their makeup….right?

What are you going to put on your awesome Dollar Tree mirror? Let me know in the comments!


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