DIY Ghostbusters Holtzmann Costume

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Looking to recreate one of Holtzmann’s costumes from the new Ghostbusters movie? Look no further! This DIY Holtzmann costume features her iconic paint splatter overalls and details on how to get the perfect Holtzmann hair. Bonus: the hair tutorial is easy, uses no heat and doesn’t require any special tools or products! Click through for more photos and to get the scoop on this perfect Holtzmann Halloween costume. As a lifetime Ghostbusters fan, I knew the moment I saw the 2016 film that I HAD to dress up as Holtzmann for Halloween! She has some amazing outfits that are pretty easy to DIY, you just need to make sure to include her iconic hair and glasses and you’ll definitely get recognized. For this post, I’m showcasing one of my favorite looks she wore, the splatter paint overalls. It’s one of the first times you see Holtzmann in the movie and I think it kind of sets the tone for her character.

This idea actually came to mind when I was out and about, so I just grabbed my phone, searched for the nearest thrift store and picked up some overalls. From there, I just searched for more photos to make sure I had everything I needed to make the look perfect. Thankfully Walmart Family Mobile makes it easy for me to search for Halloween costumes when I’m on the go or at home. The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan has Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie on VUDU every month ($7 value) per line for $49.88. In other words, you can do tons of costume browsing on your phone without stressing about going over your data! Win!

holtzmann-in-store-photo holtzmann-selfie

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holtzmann-costume953DIY Holtzmann Ghostbusters Costume

Here’s what you need:

  • Overalls
  • Paint (anything that will stick to fabric) – I used yellow, black and grey but feel free to use whatever you have on hand/can find easily
  • A tarp or cloth if you’re working inside

Here’s what to do:

  1. Prep your workspace – Either work outside or make sure your floor is covered. I used an old tablecloth but if you have carpet you’ll need WAY more than that. It was rainy when I did my overalls, otherwise I definitely would have done this project outside.
  2. Start with the lightest color  – I started with yellow, put the paint in a bowl, scoop a generous amount onto your brush and gently splatter it onto your overalls. Use more and less paint to create different size splatters. Just get creative!
  3. Continue painting with your other colors – Repeat the above process until you’re happy with the look of your overalls. That’s it!


Next up, you NEED Holtzmann hair. It’s one of the most recognizable parts of her look! Lucky for you, I’ve come up with an easy way to recreate her amazing, messy curls…and you don’t even need heat or any special tools! This look works best if you do it the night before, plus it’s one less thing you have to do when you’re getting ready the day-of!

Here’s what you need:

  • some kind of hair product to help hold things in place (I use mousse)
  • a comb
  • fabric strips (I use a t shirt cut into 1″ wide strips)
  • hairspray (any kind)
  • hairtie
  • bobby pins (optional, depending on hair length)

Here’s what to do:

  1. First, use a comb to create a deep part – it doesn’t matter what side, but you want it to be about where your eyebrow ends.
  2. Pull the hair on the back and side of your head into a ponytail. The hair on top of your head and on the same side of your part as the top stays out of the ponytail. In other words, all the hair that’s going to be curly stays out of the ponytail, the rest goes out of the way. (See the photo below)
  3. Get your hair damp (but not soaking wet), apply some mousse or gel and brush it out.
  4. Take a handful of hair and roll it up using one of your fabric strips. Leave several inches of hair near your scalp straight – remember, Holtzmann’s hair isn’t all curly!
  5. Repeat the process on all the hair  you have out of your ponytail.
  6. Sleep on it! (Or at least leave it for 4-5 hours – the longer the better)
  7. Carefully remove the fabric strips in the morning, or whenever you’re ready.
  8. Next up, tease your hair at the roots using the comb – be careful not to damage your hair too much. Just lightly run your comb up and down the part of your hair near the roots until it starts to kind of stand up on it’s own. If your hair needs some help building volume, apply dry shampoo, baby powder or corn starch to your roots and use your fingers to rub it in and volumize your hair.
  9. The best part about this style is it’s VERY messy so it doesn’t need to be perfect! Keep teasing and volumizing until your hair looks like you want it to look.



Once you’ve got the hair and overalls done – the hard work is over! Grab some yellow sunnies or goggles, a solid colored shirt, combat boots (or other work boots) and and oversized leather jacket. If you really want to top off the look, be sure to include Holtzmann’s necklace! If this costume isn’t for you, just grab your phone and start browsing for other costumes!


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