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Diversity Chic 90sThis month’s Diversity Chic has been several months in the making and I’m SO stoked it’s finally here – and at the perfect time! If you’re a 90s kid, you’ve already looked up ALL the details on Nickelodeon’s new programming, The Splat! It’s basically Nick at Nite with all the 90s shows you know and love. I’m a cord cutter so I’ve already started researching how on earth I’m going to get access to this glorious event.

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So if you haven’t figured it out (you need to work on your reading skills) – this month’s Diversity Chic is all about the 90s! Thank goodness the 90s are back in full effect and we each had a different take on the 90s, making sure our looks would easily translate to modern day and I think we nailed it, if I do say so myself!

Diversity-Chic-90s-Dallas-BloggerI went for kind of a cutesy 90s look, thanks to some high waisted polka dot jeans, jellies and a crop top that Denise was kind enough to loan me. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely throw on a modern statement necklace to make it look less costume-y…what can I say, I was in a rush!

diversity-chic-90s-dallas-fashion-blogger-valery-brennanWhen I got the photos back, I have to say I cringed a little at myself. My curves are in FULL effect in these photos and I was embarrassed at how I looked. But you know what, I’m proud of my curves and I know a lot of you out there reading this are curvy girls too so I’m here to tell you to embrace them! Love what you have and flaunt those curves, girl!

Diversity Chic 90s Dallas Fashion Blogger Valery Brennan click to tweetDiversity Chic 90s Dallas Fashion Blogger Valery Brennan358A6085 Diversity Chic 90s Dallas Fashion Blogger Valery Brennan358A6021Now I’m going to need everyone to take a moment of silence for the incredible mural we found. We went to take photos in Deep Ellum without much of a plan except to find some cool art. Little did we know, that an incredible nostalgia-ridden mural would appear and it was ONLY up that week! Had we taken our photos a week before or a week after, it wouldn’t be there. Incredible. Side note: yes, we know not all the things featured are from the 90s but hey…it’s pretty close.

Diversity-Chic-Dallas-Fashion-Blogger-90s Diversity Chic 90s Dallas Fashion Blogger Valery Brennan358A6036

Special thanks to Denise of Beauty and the Pleats for filling in for this month’s Diversity Chic while Jordan is being a bosslady with a long term travel project for work. And of COURSE we have to thank Lindsay Steele for coming to Dallas from Longview to be a part of this project.

CLICK HERE to like Lindsay Steele Photography on Facebook – she’s amazing!

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Beauty and the Pleats | Ware is the Vodka?! | Stephanie Drenka

Make sure to get the scoop on Sevi’s earth toned outfit (and CRAZY awesome velvet top), Denise’s sweet grungey look and Stephanie’s perfect floral romper by checking out each of their posts. And when you go, don’t forget to give them some love in the form of comments and shares!

Wanna steal my style? You can do it for less than $55 this time around!

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Crop Top ($20) | High waisted jeans ($25)
AMAZING jellies ($10 and available in almost all sizes!!!)

Are you bringing back the 90s?! If not, how excited are you for Nickelodeon Splat?!?!? Sound off in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Diversity Chic | Saved by the 90s

  1. I remember Nickelodean’s 90s programs. I have never been a big Nickelodean person. Disney has always been my jam. But compared to what’s on TV now….. I’d take the throwback to 90s cartoons any day. Today’s cartoons? I don’t know if it’s the animation, the context, or what? Like Cartoon Network for instance, when it premiered back in the 90s when I was a kid, it was amazing. Not only did it have throwbacks like the original Scooby Doo, the Flintstone’s, etc. But it had like Courage the Cowdardly Dog, the New Adventures of Johnny Quest, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, etc. Great shows! But if I flip to Cartoon Network now, or even that god-aweful Disney XD, the “cartoons” are so obnoxious, so flashy (like remember when Pokemon first came out and they said it was giving kids seizures? That’s what I feel like today’s cartoons are like). Like the people who write and produce these cartoons need some Ritalin stat! …..and that’s my two cents lol

  2. Honestly, I stayed up all freaking night (don’t tell my mom) to watch those Nickelodeon shows. Back home, we didn’t get Nickelodeon until 1996. They even had a countdown for when the channel was going to start airing and I stayed up until midnight to get the first look on Rugrats. Then it turned into Hey Arnold. Then Clarissa. It just got better and better by the half hour. Then before I knew it, it was time to go to school hahaha. It was so worth it, though. Watching those shows always brings me back to some really great memories of childhood and growing up.

  3. That top is everything on you. You need to own it! And I also love how you embraced the curves. You are stunning and never forget that babe!

  4. First- you’re crazy! You should not cringe at your curves because you look beautiful and this entire shoot is really badass… but I totally know how you feel because I do the same thing. And this mural is awesome! I have not seen it yet so I’m definitely going to hunt for it next time I’m in Deep Ellum! Your diversity chic posts are always so fun!


  5. LOVE these posts. All of you ladies look so fantastic. And girl, you are so gorgeous. The first thing I thought when I saw your outfit is how the jeans and top hit your in the perfect spot and look SO FLATTERING. You look confident and fun! Loving the whole thing.

    Cameron Proffitt

  6. OMG this post couldn’t be MORE FUN!!! These photos are so fabulous – you all look amazing as you channel all the ’90s vibes!!! And how amaze is that mural?! I can’t believe you guys found that! So perfect.

    xo, Christina

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