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No, you’re not dreaming – it has been a WHILE since our last Diversity Chic post. Life happened and February came and went (can we still blame it on the fact that Feb is a short month, even though it’s a Leap Year? That’s what I’m going to do.) You might notice that I’m not in the group photo – that’s because my dang sister decided to have her baby the morning of our shoot. How rude 🙂


This month we did something a little different and we’re focusing on activewear. We stripped down the glamour to show you guys what we wear when we get our sweat on! Thankfully Stephanie was kind enough to snap some photos of me a few weeks later so I could still participate this month!

valery-brennan-kaia-fit-dallas-8148Growing up, I did pretty much everything I could to avoid physical activity. I was kind of chubby, asthmatic and I just wasn’t naturally athletic. Sure, I loved tetherball and the occasional game of kickball. I was also captain of the cheerleading squad in 5th grade (you’re welcome for that mental image). In 3rd grade, I ran the Cowtown 10K…..but that’s about it for me. Even in high school, I was the manager of the volleyball team to avoid sports and/or PE. It’s fine, you’re allowed to laugh.

I went to Texas A&M, which has a HUGE campus, so I never had to worry much about my weight in college. Even though I was eating like a college student, I was constantly walking so I burned off most of the weight and stayed relatively close to my high school weight. Then I got out of college….and got married. I sat all day at work, I was at a job that made me cry around once a week (there’s a special place in hell for people who are mean to bank tellers) and I was just miserable. I started to gain weight and I was incredibly unhappy and unhealthy. I am definitely guilty of eating my feelings.

valery-brennan-kaia-fit-dallas-8145I’m in a much happier place now, but I still struggle with my weight, self esteem and just my overall physical health. I had a membership at a gym for about a year but was very hot and cold with how often I went, and even when I did go…I didn’t do much.

Then I heard about Kaia.

Diversity-Chic-Kaia-Fit-Dallas-0090Stephanie was the first to join Kaia and when she started to tell me about it, my gut reaction was “that sounds terrible.” The idea of pushing myself was terrifying and I wanted nothing to do with it. But, I love being around my friends, so I (reluctantly) agreed to join Stephanie and Sevi in trying out Kaia.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it is changing my life. I’m not going to lie, I still don’t love working out, but I love Kaia. It’s an all women’s gym that’s all about empowering women so the support is incredible. Each day there’s a different workout so you never get bored and everything is instructed by the coach so all you have to do is show up. Once you’re there, you’re set. They also track your progress and send out meal plans if you’re looking to up your nutrition game too. If you’re in Dallas, come work out with me for FREE! Find me on social media or leave a comment for details!


Photo by Dlores Photography

The owner, Christine, is such an incredible motivator/person/friend. She’s kind and not “in your face” but she will always challenge you to do your best. Each move has three levels – Balance, Strength and Kaia. At Kaia, you get to be your own trainer and determine which level is best for you! It’s great to be able to push myself hard on things that come a bit easier on me while I perfect things that are more difficult – I’m looking at you, tricep dips.

Admittedly, I’m not the most fashion-forward fitness gal. Because fitness has never been a big part of my life, it’s not something I’ve invested in. As I continue to work out, I’ve started to buy more “workout clothes” instead of just wearing a t shirt and whatever leggings I can find at my house. My top and leggings are both from Target (no surprise there!) They have lots of great options at an affordable price point – it’s great if your’e like me and you’re starting at ground zero with workout clothes. If you’re on a budget, Old Navy is another great place to get workout gear – don’t forget to check their clearance 🙂


Top: Target ($5 on clearance; exact in limited quantities; similar here) | Leggings: Target ($20; exact) | Shoes: Nike (gifted; exact) | Individual photos by Stephanie Drenka

Psst don’t forget to check out Sevi and Stephanie’s posts!

What do you like to wear when you workout? Do you like to look and feel cute or do you just throw on whatever and go for it?


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