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Okay yeah, I know we’re technically wearing chambray and not denim, but I got reallyyyyy stuck on that title and had to roll with it. We’ve had a Diversity Chic picnic on the brain for over a year now, and I’m so dang happy it finally happened!

In case you’re new to Diversity Chic, you can check out our other posts here! And here’s what we’re all about:

Diversity Chic is a collaboration of Dallas bloggers showcasing current fashion trends on a variety of skin tones, hair colors, body types and heights. Each month we will feature a new trend tailored to our personalities and style.

Our focus is to explore the world of fashion in its unique, diverse, and stylish manner – one trend at a time.

Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6828We decided to showcase chambray for this month’s trend because it’s SO versatile and readily available – no matter what your personal style, skin tone, body type, there are lots of chambray pieces you’ll love. This month, Jaclyn Mittman joined us and we’re so thrilled she did! I feel like having five people makes us look like a legit girl group, and let’s be honest, isn’t that what we’re all trying to get in life? No…just me? ANYWAY don’t forget to check out the posts from these other lovely ladies…open them in a new tab now before you forget!

Beauty and the Pleats | Stephanie Drenka | Ware is the Vodka | Jaclyn Mittman


I picked up this dress on my last thrifting trip – it’s originally from the Gap and it was only $4! Skirts and dresses are seriously one of my favorite things to thrift (hello did you see the awesome maxi I thrifted in this post?) It’s a little soft for my taste so I paired it with my ol’ standby booties from Target and my trusty summer hat (that’s still available here and only $14.99!) Since this dress is thrifted, I  found some similar styles that are still available for you to shop below!

Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6092 Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6099Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6136 Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6299 Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6111 Diversity-Chic-Chambray-Picnic-6091

Of course, Stephanie Drenka and Holden Hostetler freaking nailed it with our photos, so sorry this post is a little photo heavy. (Including this because clearly Denise and I REALLY love food…)


  • What’s your favorite chambray thing to wear?
  • What trend should we tackle next month? (or later!)


12 thoughts on “Diversity Chic | Denim Dreamin’

  1. Hmm this might have to wait for the fall, but have y’all done something with cardigans? So many options! A solid cardi on top of a print, or visa versa. There are boyfriend cardis, crop cardis, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, etc. Preeeeeetty much half of Old Navy’s stock is cardigans.


    And yes to girl group goals (but not elitist like whatshername’s Bad Blood squad) I love Sporty Spice but I may have to be Posh because I can’t sing.

    1. Dang, which Spice would I be? Ginger? I think she’s the palest and probably the weirdest too. Also you would make an awesome Posh, singing abilities or not!

  3. I love this shoot! As I commented on your Instagram, I am loving your dress and jealous of that price! Chambray is becoming one of my favorite things to wear. I love throwing a chambray button-up over a summer dress with the bottom of the shirt tied in a knot. I’m going to be on the look-out for a chambray dress.
    ~Ashley Marie, The Vintage Urbanite

  4. SUCH a fun shoot! I wanna see all of you rock bandanas! And crop tops (if y’all haven’t already. I can’t remember and I’m being too lazy to go check).

    1. Thanks for the kind words, love! <3 Shockingly I don't think we've done crop tops yet. That's so weird! Also bandanas is such a good idea!

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