December 2017 Small Goals

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November has come to a close, and we’re officially in the last month of 2017. This time last year we were all hoping 2017 would be less of a dumpster fire than 2016….we were wrong. So instead of complaining about how terrible 2017 was, I’m going to spend December reflecting on the *good* of the past year, and speak even more good into existence for 2018. For now, let’s review November’s small goals and see where I stand. Per usual, I’m linking up with Nicole of Writes Like a Girl blog so don’t forget to check out her post!

  1. Thrift first and shop small – I’ve been doing this! I went to the Denver Flea and had a great time supporting some local businesses. I’ve also thrifted a little more and have some more plans for holiday shopping.
  2. Have a Black Friday strategy – Check! Black Friday week was WILD but it was really fun, I learned a lot, and I’m going to KILL IT next year.
  3. Enjoy time at home with Thanksgiving – Check! I had a lot to do, but I also feel like I was “present” and made the most of my time.
  4. Make my physical health a top priority again – lol no. I actually did do quite a bit of yoga with my husband, but my eating habits were awful (and probably contributed to the high anxiety I experienced in December).

Three out of four isn’t terrible but I’m kicking myself because I think if I had made my physical health a priority everything else would have been a bit easier. Oh well, you live and learn. Let’s see what’s going on in December.

  1. Send out holiday cards – YIKES I almost forgot about this and it has to be done pretty quick! If you want a card, send me your address!
  2. Get finances in check for Everyday Unicorns – Now that things are really up and running with my shop, I need to do a better job tracking income and expenses. (Any advice for resources is welcome!) Usually I use good ol’ spreadsheets but I’d love to level up to something else.
  3. Set long term goals for blog and business – I want to do a lot of things, but I need to start writing down my long term goals so I can actually make them happen. Otherwise they’ll just be “daydreams” instead of goals that I’m actively pursuing.
  4. Get our home guest-ready – My in laws are coming to visit the week of Christmas! We’re really excited but we have quite a lot of things to do around the house to get it “guest ready.”
  5. Take one day off per week – I went through a month or so this year where I took one day a week off….no computer. It was really helpful, but soon I slipped back into old habits. Gotta get back into this routine because it was great for my mental health!
  6. SEO for my etsy shop and online store – Being “found” has been a big challenge for my online shop and I know it’s because I have almost no SEO practices in place. I’m going to spend the tail end of December learning this so I can slay in 2018.

I know this is a lot more goals than I normally set, but I’m feeling ambitious. Plus quite a few of them are related or things that I don’t have to do alone, so I still feel okay about it.

What are you working on for the month of December? Let me know!


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