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As you may know, attending cons is seriously one of my favorite things to do.  I’ve been interested in going to them for years and since I attending my first con in Irving 2 years ago I’ve been addicted! I don’t think I’ve missed a Dallas Fan Days or Dallas Comic Con since then – and for good reason! Past con posts here, here, here, here, here and here (phew!)

This time around for Dallas Fan Days, I wasn’t planning on doing any photo ops or autographs. But after attending the Christian Slater panel on Saturday and watching Heathers that night….I couldn’t resist a Sunday photo at his table!


Each year there are “hits and misses” for me on the guest list. This has nothing to do with the programming, but obviously every single person isn’t going to be interested in every single guest. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with all of them (and to those of you who come close….I salute you)! 

That being said, when I go to cons I always try to attend every panel I can – even if I’m not familiar with the talent. The only time I actively avoid a panel is if they’re on a show I plan on watching but haven’t gotten around to (I’m looking at you, The Flash). You can’t beat the awesome behind the scenes stories that you get at cons because it’s coming straight from the person’s mouth! It’s not condensed for time and the words aren’t twisted – it is what it is. Plus, if you’re lucky, they’ll spill some secrets. Here are a few fun facts from the panels I attended this time around! 

  1. Tori Spelling is very down to earth and kind, despite having grown up famous with tons of money (at least according to her 90210 co-star, Ian Ziering).
  2. Speaking of Ian Ziering, he did NOT want to be in Sharknado and tried to be removed from the film once filming had started. He just didn’t “get it” until it finally aired…now he loves the franchise!
  3. Matthew Lewis (the famous Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter films) isa Hufflepuff in real life…and he’s not happy about it. And honestly, I’m pretty mad at him for talking smack about Hufflepuffs!
  4. Mick Foley has sustained tons of injuries as a professional wrestler, but he says his ongoing hip pain has to be the worst.
  5. Christian Slater is a HUGE Archer fan (and was before he got on the show). He bought a Charger and wrote a fan letter to the creator….and included a photo of himself and the Charger. He was then offered a part on the series.
  6. Matthew Lewis just recently did *something* where he had to get back into the character of Neville. He didn’t say what – my guess is it’s something for Pottermore? 
  7. Tori Spelling REALLY wants a part in Sharknado 5 – her idea was to have a shark baby!
  8. Millie Bobbie Brown (aka Eleven from Stranger Things) has a huge crush on Romeo Beckham. Which really cracked me up because it’s not David Beckham or even the oldest son! That revelation made me feel *very* old.

The next con will be Fan Expo Dallas on March 31-April 2 and they’ve already said it will be their biggest con EVER! And considering the fact that Tim Curry was their first guest announcement, I believe it! They will be doing a special holiday ticket release on November 23rd so mark your calendars and make sure to secure your tickets early! I would suggest following the Dallas Comic Con Facebook page to stay up to date with guest announcements and other important details!

See you in March! You can find me at the Tim Curry panel and probably in line for an autograph if I can muster up the courage.



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  1. I am late responding to this but this sounds awesome! I wanted to go but just couldn’t make it. I am psyched to see who else they announce for the next con though! I’ve got to start putting aside money for these cons though, since I like to spend a lot. lol.

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