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Shirt c/o dfrntpigeon for the sake of this post – of course, all opinions are my own. 

It’s safe to say this Crisis shirt is one of my new favorite shirts thanks to the fab typography and gorgeous marble design but, more importantly, it has a really incredible story behind it. dfrntpigeon is a new, Portland-based creative studio and dynamic streetwear label launched by the non-profit New Avenues for Youth. They provide at-risk youth with professional design mentorships from volunteers across the creative industry. Not only does this provide these youth with an amazing opportunity now, it’s helping them gain skills and training that could help them with a career path in the future.

In short – providing opportunities for at-risk youth and changing the perception of homelessness. Definitely something I can get behind.

@dfrntpigeon provides opps for at-risk youth to change the perception of homelessness Click To Tweet

(You probably already know this) buuuuut I moved to Denver. It was a move that was completely our choice – my husband and I work remotely and we’ve been wanting to get out of Dallas for quite some time. After years of research and saving….we finally DID it! I’m thrilled to be in Denver but I have to be honest with you guys, this move has been TOUGH for me. The whole home buying process was stressful and then due to some unforeseen circumstances, we ended up moving much earlier than we originally planned. I was already so nervous and sad to be leaving friends and family, and doing it a month earlier than we planned made it even harder. Lots of tears were shed and tons of mini breakdowns where I really didn’t think I could do it. It felt like a crisis.

And that’s honestly okay. Throughout this entire process, I’ve let myself feel whatever I need to feel. It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be nervous and it’s okay to feel like the world is caving in on you. Let yourself feel that and then do what you need to do to cope. For me, two things really help me deal with anxiety and life’s crises – working out and watching The Office. I know that may seem strange to some people but it works for me and that’s what matters. It’s important to have some things you know will help you cope with anxiety or stress…I have my husband to thank for that helpful piece of information. Before I learned some coping mechanisms, I would just kind of panic and shut down, now I can at least manage the anxiety in the midst of a crisis.

It's okay to be sad & it's okay to feel like the world is caving in on you. tell a friend

Crises are scary but we all experience them…and that’s totally fine. You don’t have to pretend like everything’s okay, no matter what situation you’re in, but I would really encourage you to find some things that will help you cope.

Click here to learn more about dfrntpigeon and then click here to shop dfrntpigeon, they have tons of great designs!


3 thoughts on “Crisis.

  1. Uhhh I am ALL ABOUT a brand that helps other people. This shirt is so cool. It’s the reason I clicked this post! I’m glad they’re not phoning it in on the design. That’s one of my all time pet peeves about brands that want to help. You can actually make a good product AND help people!

  2. I love love love this outfit and the story behind the brand. Also, The Office is totally my anxiety comfort food. If I’m sad or stressed I just throw on The Office (or Parks and Rec, but mostly The Office) and I feel so much better. I hope that now your move is complete you start to feel less stressed. Denver (and Colorado in general) is my favorite place so I am so excited to see how you like living there!

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