ColourPop Summer Haul Giveaway!

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valery-brennan-beauty-pleats-colourpop-2741There are three things I look for in a makeup brand: I want them to be affordable, cruelty free and to focus on diversity (sometimes that means lots of shades of foundation, other times it means swatches on different skin tones or diversity in body shapes/skin color/abilities). Admittedly, sometimes I slip and go with a brand that doesn’t fit one of the three but when a brand passes all three with flying colors….ooooweeeee.

That is ColourPop. I’ve raved about this brand before (and this post is not sponsored in any way) but y’all I just cannot get enough. Their products are SUPER affordable, high quality, they’re cruelty free AND they promote diversity in their advertisements and their swatches.

Photos of Denise and me are by Stephanie Drenka

valery-brennan-beauty-pleats-colourpop-2733valery brennan colourpop78Thankfully my good friend Denise from Beauty and the Pleats is also a ColourPop addict and we decided we wanted to do a big ColourPop haul giveaway just for you guys! Everything we chose is perfect for summer and this is seriously enough to completely stock you for quiiiiite a while.

Here’s what’s included in the prize package:

  • Super Shock Cheek (blushes and highlighters) – Wisp, Thumper, Prenup, Hippo

  • Ultra Matte Lip (matte finish liquid lipstick) – Beeper, Creeper

  • Ultra Satin Lip (satin finish liquid lipstick) – Littlestitious, Molly, Botanical, Magic Wand

  • Matte X (super matte lipstick) – Boa, Cami

  • Super Shock Shadow (eyeshadow) – So Quiche, Wattles, Get Lucky

valery brennan colourpop87

So WHAT in the world are you waiting for?! You (probably) know the drill – enter using the widget below.

ColourPop Summer Haul Giveaway

8 thoughts on “ColourPop Summer Haul Giveaway!

  1. UHM! This is an AWESOME giveaway you gals are having here! I just tried that brand recently and fell IN LOVE. Apparently, I look good with purple lips! bhaha. But seriously. This is amazing!

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