May Small Goals

Happy Monday, happy May 1st and happy small goals day! No new Mail Monday post for today, but I promise I’ll have one next week! Let’s just jump right into reviewing last month’s small goals:

  1. Hit our savings goal for the month – Check! It wasn’t easy, but we made it!!!
  2. Set up an Instagram account for Everyday Unicorns – Done! My only goal was to actually set up the account but I even posted something yesterday so that’s a double win!
  3. Design 4 new Everyday Unicorns shirts – YES! Okay y’all, around April 24th I thought this wasn’t going to happen, then last Thursday I kind of had a stroke of creativity and went nuts and designed an entire summer collection. Check out the designs below, and if you like them you can shop them here 🙂
  4. Add pins to my own Pinterest account – Done! I also scheduled out pins for the next 2+ weeks. Holla!

4/4?!?!?! I think this might be my perfect month, you guys! Feeling so great right about now, so let’s move right on to May’s small goals:

  1. Hit my sales goal for Everyday Unicorns – I’ve never set a sales goal for my business, but I’m one of those cheesy people who believes in “putting things out into the universe.” So I’m setting a goal and making moves to make it happen.
  2. Send out at least one newsletter – This goal has made my list before, but here it is again. I don’t even know the last time I sent out a newsletter. Yikes.
  3. Spend more time marketing – I recently read that you should spend 75% of your time marketing….wut. So I’m going to work on streamlining my blog posts so I can spend more time marketing!
  4. Work out four times a week – I have jokingly said “working out is my therapy” but honestly, it’s true. When I don’t work out, I find myself much more anxious and irritable. It’s bad for me. My gym, Kaia FIT North Dallas, is starting our new session today so this is a perfect time to kick it up a notch!
  5. Drink 8+ cups of water per day – My water intake has really been slacking but now that the weather is warming up I have to start taking it more seriously again. Cheers to more water!

Per usual, I’m linking up with the amazing Nicole from Writes Like a Girl blog, make sure to check out her post and posts from the other folks who linked up! Also, BIG news coming later this week, so stay tuned for that! For now, I leave you with wishes for a happy Monday and a wonderful week.


April Small Goals

I’m four days late, but I’m super excited it’s a new month….which means new small goals! Per usual, I’m linking up with Writes Like a Girl so make sure to go check out the rest of the small goal posts. Also thanks to Nicole for hosting such an awesome linkup! 2017 is shaping out to be a butt-kicker but in a really great way, I’m not achieving all of my small goals but lots of great things are happening!

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February Small Goals

It cannot be February already. I refuse to believe it.

Okay yeah, I believe it. But it’s really unfortunate because January kicked my bootyyyyy. I actually got a lot done and accomplished a whole lot – unfortunately most of it didn’t line up with my small goals. Eek. In case you’ve never read a small goals post before, each month Nicole from Writes Like a Girl hosts a linkup for bloggers to share a few goals for the month. Make sure to head over to her post and get inspired by all the other small goals! Let’s review my goals for January:

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January Small Goals

Happy first small goals post of 2017! This officially marks the start of my 2nd year doing small goals and I’m honestly so excited – my small goals last year really helped me stay focused and achieve my goals. This month’s small goals post comes a little late because the first Monday of this month was reserved for the word of the year. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. Otherwise, it’s time to chat about January small goals! Per usual, I’m linking up with the always lovely, Nicole. Make sure to check out her small goals post and while you’re at it, read a few others who linked up! Here’s a look at my December goals:

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