October 2017 Small Goals

2016 was trash but apparently it was just getting us ready for 2017. I don’t know if things are really getting worse in the world or if we just have a more pessimistic outlook, but things have really felt terrible this year. Waking up to the terrible news of what happened in Las Vegas was absolutely gutting. It’s still too fresh for me to say a whole lot, but it felt uncomfortable to not say anything in this post. One thing I will say is thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. They just aren’t. We say this after every tragedy but if we don’t start taking action soon things are just going to escalate. I honestly don’t know much about pushing for greater gun control besides voting in the right people, so if you have resources to share, please do. 

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Fall & Winter Wish List

*old photo alert because I don’t have any new “fall looks” yet*

Y’all, it’s already like fifty degrees in Denver and I’m freaking out. Why is it so cold?! We’ve officially hit fall and I guess now I live in a place where fall is a real thing and I need to get my wardrobe in check like….yesterday. So naturally I made a wish list that I’m sharing with you guys!

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