Mail Monday + I’m in Denver, now!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links and some products were gifted. All gifted products are noted as “Courtesy of.” Affiliate links mean if you click or make a purchase, I get a few cents back. Thanks for your support and for making this blog possible!

Well friends, I’m officially a Denver resident now! My husband and I are all moved in (well, lots of boxes but ya know) and so far we’re loving it! Of course I miss my Dallas friends and family so bad, but other than that life is pretty much perfect here. So if y’all could all move to Denver that would be greaaaaat.

Since I’m officially a homeowner, get excited for some home decor posts in the near future! For now, you can follow along with some of my mini projects in my Instagram Stories. Spoiler alert: right now, I’m repainting a HOT pink room and I still have a turquoise one left!

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t done Mail Monday in quite a while so most of these packages are a few weeks old (sorry!) It’s been really crazy moving but things are falling back into place and I’m so happy to have some great content lined up for you guys. Get ready for more fashion and beauty, comin’ atcha! For now….let’s celebrate Mail Monday!

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Diversity Chic – May Flowers

Pssst if you’re a blogger, make sure to link up a floral outfit at the bottom of this post! It can even be an old outfit…I won’t tell 🙂 

One of the hardest parts about leaving Dallas (I’m moving to Denver in two weeks, in case you didn’t know), is leaving these babes behind. This thing we have created together, Diversity Chic, is bigger than any one of us and our bonds of friendship hold it together. We started DC to show the world that fashion is fun no matter who you are – you can take part in fun trends no matter what your size, personal style, ethnicity or anything else! I could blabber on for ages about what DC means to me, but honestly I’m exhausted right now from packing and I don’t think anyone wants that 🙂 Instead, I’ll just share our mission with y’all!

Diversity Chic is a collaboration of Dallas bloggers showcasing current fashion trends on a variety of skin tones, hair colors, body types and heights. Each month we will feature a new trend tailored to our personalities and style.

Our focus is to explore the world of fashion in its unique, diverse, and stylish manner – one trend at a time.

As a follow up to last month’s April Showers post, we’re bringing May flowers! This month, Stephanie opted to sit out and be our photographer, which is why there are only three of us in the photo. Trust me though, without Stephanie these photos would not happen so her presence is definitely still in this post!

We all know floral is nothing new for spring – it’s a pattern we see over and over again (although this winter dark florals had their moment, which was a lot of fun!) For me personally – spring florals don’t really fit my style anymore! Well, at least not how they used to. I’m more of a neutral gal and with my hair, florals can look really over the top very fast. This maxi dress (or something similar) is a perfect solution for people who want to incorporate the floral trend without wearing the more typical floral. Note: I honestly loooove floral patterns so no shade to them whatsoever, they just don’t fit my personal style at the moment.

A few things I love about this dress (and why it works for me):

  1. It’s not a “typical” floral pattern – everything about it is kind of out of the ordinary.
  2. The colors are more jewel toned so they’re a little bit more subdued than a typical “spring floral.”
  3. The print is large, but it’s concentrated to one area instead of all-over.
  4. The dress itself is a simple silhouette but the fact that it’s sheer and has the floral at the bottom brings a lot of interest. That being said, since it’s a maxi and it is black, I think it’s easy to dress up!
  5. Because it’s a statement dress, you can keep it super simple with the accessories. I threw on some cocktail rings to channel my inner Tracee Ellis Ross, but the outfit would’ve looked great without it too.
  6. The pattern is all near the feet so it doesn’t “overwhelm” my face. With bright blue hair, wearing a lot of patterns can just look way too busy sometimes – keeping patterns below the waist is an easy way to prevent this.

So what’s the moral of the story here? You can still wear floral print, even if you tend to gravitate towards neutrals! Ask yourself “what would make this trend work for me?” and then find something that fits your criteria! Get creative and have fun with it!

Don’t forget to check out the posts from Denise (here) and Sevi (here) and special thanks to Stephanie Drenka, per usual, for being our amazing photographer!

  • Are you a floral fan?
  • How do you “make” a trend work for you?


Mail Monday

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links and some products were gifted. All gifted products are noted as “Courtesy of.” Affiliate links mean if you click or make a purchase, I get a few cents back. Thanks for your support and for making this blog possible!

Hey everyone! I hope you guys had the BEST weekend! I spent Saturday working ALL DAY on Pinterest and then took a few photos in one of the new Everyday Unicorns summer collection shirts. Thank goodness my sweet husband is always willing to be an “Instagram husband” for me lol. Then Sunday I was super lazy until later in the afternoon and then we spent a few hours with my parents and sisters. My nephew (who is two) LOVED “helping” me take photos of the family, it was so stinking adorable.

Welp since it’s Mail Monday, I guess we should hop to it! If you’re new here, this is really just a roundup post of fun things I got in the mail the previous week. Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get outfit posts up with new items so I wanted to start sharing them ASAP so you can get a leg up before I get my outfit posts done (especially for clearance items!)

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