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You’ve been there…another Dallas Comic Con Fan Days is approaching (two days people) and suddenly you realize you don’t know what to wear! I know, I know, you could just throw on a t shirt and jeans and call it a day buuuuut what if I told you there’s a way to be just as comfy and look super chic? Here are a few outfit ideas to get you started! I’ve linked all the items but of course most of these can be put together using stuff you already have in your closet! Also a lot of these pieces mix and match, so hopefully you can easily recreate most of them without buying much! Get creative, use what you’ve got and save those dollars for some awesome gear in Artist’s Alley!

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Skinny jeans | T Shirt | Blazer | Sneakers | Statement Necklace

This outfit combo can be reworked a thousand times over because of it’s simplicity. Mix up the color of the blazer, the type of shoe and the accessories and you can wear three totally different outfits for comic con! I also love the idea of wearing this to work on a casual Friday (only if you work in an office that won’t look down on a graphic t!) It still looks pulled together and professional but it’s so fun!


Tulle skirt |Sneakers | Chambray shirt | Licensed Hat | Statement Necklace

Want a more feminine and playful look? A tulle skirt is your perfect Comic Con bestie (just ask Sevi, she wore one to the last Fan Days!) Pair your tulle skirt (or any A line skirt) with a button down shirt tied at the waist to accentuate your waist – aka the smallest part of your body. Wear a statement necklace under the collar and throw on a cute hat to balance out the femininity and to show off your favorite fandom!


Stretchy Pencil Skirt | T Shirt | Denim JacketSneakers

This outfit is perfect for Sunday – you’re going to be worn out but you still need to keep your fandom strong! Throw on a knit pencil skirt, your favorite t shirt and sneakers. Top it off with a denim jacket or cardigan because let’s be honest, it gets COLD in those panels.


Raglan/Baseball T | Jeans | Booties | Statement Necklace

Maybe the simplest of all of the outfit ideas posted, but one of my favorites because it feels more “fall” than the others. I love the look of a raglan t, there’s something about them that’s so cute and flattering. This one is a men’s t from Target, but they’re athletic cut so it should still fit well! You might want to size down. (Tip: Target has GREAT graphic Ts in the men’s department, usually for $12.99 – not a bad price, especially if you’re on the hunt for a last minute shirt for this weekend!) Throw on some skinny jeans, a statement necklace and booties and you’re SET!

What are you wearing this weekend?! What are you super stoked about? I have to say I’m most excited to see Bonnie Wright on Sunday – I mean come on, she’s a Weasley!

Tickets for Dallas Comic Con Fan Days are available online through Thursday at 5PM! After that, you’ll have to buy them at the door. See you there! Don’t forget to click the post below for my BEST tips for prepping for Comic Con!



39 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Backstreet Boys Documentary


The other night I was blogging and opened Netflix, like I do so often. What do I see at the top of the screen? Backstreet Boys: Show Em What You’re Made Of…I HAD to watch it. Of course I’m a 90s girl so I would’ve watched it anyway, but I was especially interested because I saw a trailer for it when I saw them in concert in 2013. Yes, I went to their concert. Granted, my tickets were free but I was on the first row behind the pit and to be perfectly honest it was SO dang fun. The dudes are still committed and pretty great, I have to give credit where credit’s due. (Even though Nsync will always be better). Here are 39 thoughts I had while watching the documentary – minor spoilers ahead, but not really because no one dies.

  1. Nick looks scary
  2. AJ is still the hottest + he has a Drive jacket so…bonus points. 
  3. Oh yeah, they play instruments!
  4. At least they admit they were manufactured, instead of pretending like they were just 5 pals who could sing and dance.
  5. How did we (as humans) not know that Lou Pearlman was a creeper…? Are they going to talk about that?!
  6. When BSB came out, they legitimately looked like CK models, I’ll give them that.
  7. Nick was eleven when they started. ELEVEN. They must have hated him.
  8. Kevin should be Jack Skellington for Halloween.
  9. Hearing any boybander curse is still weird to me.2013-08-30-21.51.58web
  10. What’s wrong with Brian?! Now I feel bad for making fun of him for being SO weird at the concert. (But really, he was SO weird.)
  11. Oh lord, Lou’s house was really cool. Pool tables, hot room, coke machines. “Best damn tasting coke you’ve had in your life” because it was probably drugged!!!!!
  12. They watched porn at Lou’s house. I REPEAT they watched porn at Lou’s house!!!!!
  13. This stuff about Kevin’s dad is heavy. Did NOT expect this to be so sad.
  14. They’re talking about doing a show in an inner city high school before they were famous….scared about where this is going.
  15. Hahahaha their PA went out at the inner city high school
  16. When Kevin was 21, Nick was 13. 
  17. How can I get my hands on one of those original BSB shirts that was clearly just an iron-on transfer?
  18. Lol at old footage where Nick tries to tell the other boys what to do. They totally hated him.
  19. Nick definitely has fake teeth. I’m 100% sure of it. 
  20. A lot of bad hats are happening in this movie. I’m looking at you Brian, Nick and Kevin. AJ looks great in all hats so I’ll give him a pass. 2013-08-30-22.47.08web
  21. Oh man, white people clapping. White people clapping is my favorite and also least favorite thing.
  22. Lou Pearlman definitely came up with the idea for the “Quit Playing Games” video where they all have on white button down shirts and are drenched.
  23. Ahhh the “Backstreet’s Back” video with the monsters. YESSSSSS.
  24. Howie is insisting on being a lead man on the new album…..he said it’s the only way he would agree to do the new record. Okay Howie. 
  25. AJ keeps his nails and toe nails painted all the time. I’m weirded out but also I’m working hard to eliminate gender roles from my life so you just keep doing you, AJ.
  26. My husband is really concerned that Kevin has two breast pockets + cargo pants. “You should write that that guy has way more pockets than he could ever need.”
  27. “Lou said ‘come here, I want to show you something’” AHHHH NO. Okay, it’s just an Nsync video.
  28. Even in a BSB documentary, Nsync makes an appearance.
  29. Lou Pearlman created Nsync as competition for Backstreet Boys. That’s so messed up.
  30. Oh heeeeere we go: the sob story about how they toured and did all this stuff but didn’t have the bank account to reflect it. Okay.
  31. My husband sees Lou Pearlman on the screen “Who’s that? A Pedophile?” Me: “Yep.”
  32. They’re in Lou’s house in 2014?! What if it’s booby trapped?!
  33. WAIT. Nick was 17 when Millennium came out?! Why is that so disturbing to me? 2013-08-30-22.12.58-2web
  34. Brian had open heart surgery when they were in their prime and they didn’t cancel or postpone anything for him to recover?! That’s sad.
  35. Me: “Who do you think was my favorite?” Husband: “The guy with corn rows.” Me: “How did you know?!” Husband: “I don’t know….he looks gross. Just kidding.” (except he was right)
  36. Brian and Nick are screaming at each other. I bet this happened a lot. Pretty boy vs. the voice.
  37. Nick’s family drama is for real. This documentary is much heavier than I expected.
  38. Okay good, everything’s fine and they’re all happy. 
  39. I actually went to this concert. In 2014. I was in the first row behind the pit. lol

Has anyone else seen this documentary? Adding it to your Netflix queue now? Sound off in the comments!


Tea Time with The Vintage House + Dallas Blogger Collective


So what do you do when the cutest little boutique in Carrollton (The Vintage House) and the best blogger group in Dallas (Dallas Blogger Collective) host a tea party? You go. Without a question, you go to that tea party. And y’all, the tea party did not disappoint.

*All photos by Stephanie Drenka, except the outfit photo and Instagram photo below.

First off, the precious owner of The Vintage House, Nan, and her amazing team really pulled out all the stops. All the treats were perfectly branded and beautiful, the signage for the event was hand drawn by one of their employees, the precious Alli K, they had a pink step and repeat, a photographer, a top notch goodie bag and countless giveaway items. Running an event for 60+ ladies is not an easy task but The Vintage House and Dallas Blogger Collective made it happen with zero issues. (Do you guys do event planning? Because maybe you should…)



If you’ve never stopped by The Vintage House, you’re really missing out. In addition to their VERY sweet and attentive staff, you can really find something for everyone there. This isn’t your average Dallas boutique – they’re a certified Gold Vera Bradley retailer, carry a huge selection of Kendra Scott, kids items, home goods, soaps, lotions, hand crafted jewelry and pretty much anything else you can imagine. I even bought my dad some Poo Pourri there for Christmas (hey dad, you finally got your blog shoutout!)


dallas-blogger-collective-the-vintage-house-3857I had crazy eyes anxiously waiting to see who won the door prizes….lol

Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge Vera Bradley fan (the quilted pieces are beautiful, just not my personal taste) but their newer items have converted me into a full blown Vera fan. Their leather and faux leather bags are beautifully crafted and available in a wide variety of colors. I ended up winning one of their new wristlets and I am just over the moon. I also have my eye on a yellow faux leather backpack they gave away – I might have to get one for myself before my vacations I have scheduled for the fall.

Since it was a tea party, floral was a MUST but let’s be honest….tea party attire isn’t my thing. So I grunged this 90s vintage goodie down with some burgundy patent combat boots and it was the perfect, comfortable outfit for the occasion. *Outfit photo by Jordan of Darling Truly

Dallas-Blogger-Valery-Brennan(Sorry for always doing this same pose)

So next time you’re too lazy to deal with parking in Bishop Arts District or Deep Ellum (which is all the time for me), head out to Carrollton, grab a burger at Twisted Root and then walk across the street to The Vintage House and get yourself some goodies! Make sure to tell them Valery sent you 🙂


The Makeup Show Dallas 2015 Recap | Monday (errr Tuesday) Hangover


Is it Tuesday already?! Sheesh, that means I’m a day late for the Monday Hangover linkup hosted by Sevi of Ware is the Vodka….but better late than never, right?! My weekend consisted of dreaming about Jurassic World (read my non-spoilery thoughts here!), The Makeup Show Dallas and doing our next Diversity Chic photoshoot!


Here’s a sneak peek of this month’s Diversity Chic post, I’m so stoked about it! And if you’ve missed a month, you can see all the Diversity Chic posts here.

L🍊🍋🍑🍎VE these ladies and I can't wait to share this month's #diversitychic with you guys. Post coming very soon! 😘

A photo posted by Dallas Blogger🦄 Valery Brennan (@valerybrennan) on

I had never attended The Makeup Show before but I can say with 100% certainty that I will be attending again. I had no idea what to expect going in, but I was not disappointed. I am super bummed I couldn’t attend Saturday because of work – gotta make sure I mark off my calendar early next year! They focused on education this year and it really showed – there was a wide variety of classes, hands on workshops and even a career fair for makeup artists looking to break into the industry!


*Thanks for the photo, Denise! 🙂 Make sure to check out her blog, Beauty and the Pleats!

In addition to awesome classes and just seeing tons of great artistry, I ended up with a ton of awesome products. Here’s a video of some of the products I got – I ended up splitting it into two parts because, let’s be honest, no one wants a 30 minute YouTube video.



Dallas Comic Con Fan Days | What I Wore

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015 was easily the craziest collection of comic, sci fi, horror, anime and gaming fans the Irving Convention Center has ever seen! When I found out I was attending Fan Days just a few days before, I immediately started stressing about what to wear. I knew I didn’t have time to pull together a costume, so I had to go with some fan gear instead. I wasn’t in the mood for a graphic t and wanted to look a little more chic and pulled together so I rocked my fandom with all my accessories! And of course I had to represent my all-time favorite, Batman.


Hat: Sample hat – N/A (similar; similar) | Jacket: American Eagle via Buffalo Exchange ($15; similar; similar) | Top: Target ($7; similar; similar) | Jeans: Target ($20; exact) | Necklace: Forever 21 ($16; exact) | Shoes: Journeys ($50; similar; similar) | Lips: NYX Wicked Lippies in Betrayal ($6; exact) | Photos: Stephanie Drenka


This is a super easy look for any Con – I basically just started with one of my “uniforms” and added the right accessories. Layers were key because it was warm outside and in the hallways but cold in the panel rooms. Also tennis shoes were essential – I almost wore flats – with all the walking and standing we did, that would have been a huge mistake.

If you’ve never been to a Con before, it’s something I really believe everyone should experience at least once. There’s nothing better than seeing people in their element, totally rocking out their fandom and celebrating one another. The best part for me was getting to hang out with two of my blogger besties and seeing them geek out just as much as me!


Here’s a quick look at everything I got to experience at Comic Con Fan Days….can’t wait for the next Con in May!!!

If you want more details on Fan Days, you can check out these posts by some of my blogger friends:

Geek Glam | Ware is the Vodka | DFW Style Daily

Who’s already got their tickets for Dallas Comic Con in May?! Tickets went on sale yesterday so you better snatch yours up quick!


Classic hip hop all the time? This can’t be real life.

I can honestly say that exactly one week ago, my life changed for the better. If you’re in Dallas, unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know about this….but just in case….THERE ARE TWO STATIONS CURRENTLY PLAYING CLASSIC HIP HOP ON THE RADIO NOW!


I would like to give a public thank you to my parents for taking me to have GlamourShots done when I was little. Also, imagine this kid listening to hip hop….hilarious.

Hot 93.3 (formerly i93) is a top 40 station here in Dallas and last Friday as I was driving home from work, they played an ad saying instead of Christmas music they would be making this a Hip Hop Holiday. I figured they would intermittently play a few classic hip hop songs but you GUYS they have completely switched over. Here’s to hoping it lasts forever!

You know what’s even better? 94.5 is now a classic hip hop station all the time. Like, forever. From their website, “Boom 94.5 DFW is a classic hip-hop station that features artists like Jay Z, Biggie, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Geto Boys, UGK and more! The only station that represents the hip-hop you grew up with 24-7.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

In case you don’t live in Dallas, I’ve got some great options for you. Of course you can listen live to 93.3 or 94.5 live online OR if you’re not into the radio, I decided to make a playlist of my favorite songs that I’ve heard. I’m going to keep updating this playlist to make sure to follow it on Spotify!

What are your favorite classic hip hop songs?! Sound off in the comments!


Venturing out to The State Fair of Texas

Okay y’all, I’ve gotta be straight with you. I think the State Fair of Texas is overrated. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love fried food but I don’t really understand the appeal of the whole event. It’s crowded, expensive and there’s really not that much to do (please don’t kick me out of Texas). That being said, I’ve only been one time prior to this year, so I decided to give it another try.

The bad news is, I waited until the last weekend to actually go and then my husband got food poisoning. SO my dear friend Stephanie went along with me (she had never been before!) Thankfully we both had the same agenda: eat some fried food and then peace out.

Photos by Stephanie Drenka


Since it was the last Saturday, it was hilariously crowded but we managed. First up, we hunted down the #1 item on my list – Deep Fried Breakfast for Dinner. This thing was SO indulgent and wonderful, y’all. Eggs, sausage, ham, cheese (SO MUCH CHEESE), and tiny bits of cinnamon roll wrapped up and fried to perfection. It was glorious but I have to say, I’m really glad we split a half order, otherwise I probably would’ve been sick.



Next up, we had to find the fried loaded baked potato. Unfortunately the only place to find this item was the God-forsaken food court. Great in theory, this food court was hot, stuffy and PACKED with people. Of course the line was about 20 people deep but food was literally the only reason we went to the state fair so we stuck it out. TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Stephanie and I both agreed this was something we could’ve eaten more of and regularly. It was basically like they took mashed potatoes and added everything you’d want in a loaded baked potato, the breading also head bacon bits and some kind of kick to it (maybe a little jalapeno?) and of course ranch to dip it in. I’m considering trying to make some of these on my own.


I even ran into my old friend Henry! xoxo

Then we had to hit up Fletcher’s corn dogs (because who doesn’t get a corn dog at the fair?) Spoiler alert: I think I like the frozen ones better. Corn dog batter should be sweet, okay people?!


On our way out, we used our extra tickets to get some delicious cotton candy and when I got home I basically ate it until I was sick.

All in all, I would call this a successful fair trip. We were only there for a few hours but I wouldn’t really want to spend any more time than that, if I’m being honest. I’m just not cut out for the State Fair of Texas.

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo for life!!!


Happy Hour at The Social House Uptown

Last Thursday night, Dallas Blogger Collective hosted a much needed happy hour for its members at The Social House in Uptown. I had actually never been to the Social House before and I’m SO glad I went!

First off – my drink. I ordered a Frozen Rasperry Mojito and let me just tell you guys, this was the stuff dreams are made of. I only had one because I knew I would be driving after but I’m fairly confident I could’ve down 3 or 4 of those babies. So delish. I have a feeling that is going to be the only drink I ever order at The Social House.

We were treated to some really delicious appetizers. The Social House has a really extensive appetizer menu that’s DEFINITELY not your typical bar food. They brought out quite a few choices but I have to say my favorites were the The Social House Macaroni and Cheese, Tomato Bruschetta with Basil and Pesto, Fried Pickles and the Irish Pork Nachos. I’m very sorry there’s no photo of the mac and cheese because we were too busy scarfing it down.

Photos by Stephanie Drenka




Some flatbread pizzas really hit the spot as our main course but then came the magnum opas. The dessert.



I’m not really a huge chocolate person so I basically wanted to cry when she told us the sauce on this masterpiece was white chocolate. I want to swim in a pool full of white chocolate and never leave.

Pound cake, vanilla bean ice cream, strawberries and white chocolate sauce. I MEAN REALLY.

Needless to say, I’m definitely going to be hitting up The Social House’s other DFW location in Addison for some delicious drinks and treats.



Wedding Wear

Today I’m going to share our choices for wedding attire and accessories! Even two years later, I am still thrilled with all of our outfit choices, the colors, details, etc. Oh and also the PRICE.

First off – my dress. Oh, the dress. I watched Say Yes to the Dress quite a bit before getting married (or engaged) and the Monique Lhullier Sunday Rose dress just wouldn’t leave my mind. Unfortunately the price tag was WAY too high for our budget. Well, as fate would have it, I found someone on Etsy who actually HANDMAKES a dress inspired by Sunday Rose. I sent her my measurements and a few months later, the dress was mine for about 10% of the price of the original.



Jeff already had a really nice fitting grey suit that he bought for job interviews from Express. We both really liked it, so he decided to just wear that for our wedding instead of renting a tux or buying a new suit. We paid about $20 to have it tailored so it was just the right size…and price.


We both opted to wear tennis shoes – Converse for him, Nike high tops for me. They were hand painted by a good friend of mine from college, Holly. She took our visions and RAN with them. I wish I had more pictures of Jeff’s but his were a Star Wars/Adventure Time crossover (think Finn dressed as Luke Skywalker, etc). So good. Mine were Star Wars and Harry Potter themed. Since she knows some of the things I really love, she also added in a few other surprises for me.



Close up of my shoes….aren’t they perfect?! So much amazing detail and love. All Holly’s ideas.

Real talk: I’m a wedding florist but I didn’t want to make my own boutonnieres and corsages. They’re kind of tedious and I wanted to ENJOY my wedding flower process so I came up with something different for the guys….action figures. I had Jeff go on eBay and pick out 4″ action figures, he opted for Star Wars themed for everyone. We also got a Batman action figure for our minister because that’s his fave.


Of course my man had to be Han Solo 🙂


For the parents, grandparents and siblings, we gave them fabric rosette boutonnieres an corsages. On the back, we wrote a small note to each family member. The best thing about these boutonnieres and corsages is I finished making them WEEKS before the wedding and they were just in a box ready to go. It was so convenient! Plus, the sentimental folks could hang onto them as long as they wanted to.


The guys wore black shoes of their choice, their own white shirt, a grey vest and pants (from Express – we waited until they were having a big sale and then told the guys when it was time to pick them up to save them the most money). Their ties were ordered from a small business called The Grunion Run. I liked the simplicity of a black tie and since the husband refused to wear a skinny tie or bow tie, we went with these…haha.


I wanted a special hanger to put the ladies dresses on, so I went with a suuuuper simple and inexpensive DIY project. I bought some wooden hangers, little plastic roses and stick on letters from Michael’s. Hot glued the roses on and spelled out their names…super easy and I think it cost me $15-$20.


For the ladies, I wanted them to wear different dresses in shades of peach, pale pink and cream. Admittedly, this was harder than Pinterest makes it seem. Thankfully my sweet bridesmaids were determined and I think they all looked AMAZING. My two sisters wore cream and ended up wearing a colored sash, which I thought was a fabulous touch.


I wore earrings that my husband gave me for our first Valentine’s Day together. They are so beautiful and I love that they have a special meaning behind them. I made my own wedding veil (using various tutorials I found online) and my mom made me lace gloves using some peachy pink lace I bought on Etsy. I wish I had step by step photos of the gloves but they were fingerless so she essentially just made a hole for my thumb and a big hole for my fingers.



All photos are courtesy of the incredibly talented Heather Hawkins Photography – I seriously cannot recommend her enough.



Get Ready Y’all – it’s Wedding Video Time!

I can’t believe it, but my two year wedding anniversary is just a WEEK away! My husband left for a business trip to Boulder today, so I’m all by my lonesome for a few days. Thankfully on Thursday night I am flying out to join him so we can spend our anniversary together in beautiful Colorado. I’m a little excited, obviously.

For now, I’ve decided I want to spend some time reminiscing on our wedding day. It was such a lovely day but because it’s just ONE day it’s so easy to forget about the details. I’m not going to let that happen.

First off, I wanted to share our wedding video, created by Davidson Creative – I am so thankful that my dear friend from high school, Kathy, married such a kind and talented man. He did SUCH an amazing job at capturing our big day and it really highlights the look and feel we wanted to convey with our wedding.

So without further ado…(watch it in full screen, you owe it to yourself)

Valery + Jeff from Matt Davidson on Vimeo.

If you’re anywhere even remotely close to Waco, PLEASE hire Matt for videography or photography. You seriously will not regret it, he is so talented and such a nice guy….do it. Right now.

Next week I’ll be sharing some of the DIY projects we did, details on the clothing for everyone and (of course) a list of things that I probably should’ve done differently with our wedding planning. If there’s anything you saw that you want to know more about, make sure to comment below so I include it in one of my posts! 🙂