Bronze Eye Makeup | Drugstore Getting Ready With Me Video

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Dramatic eye makeup is always fun, but I especially love it when it’s neutral enough to pass as a more “everyday” look too! That’s what I love about this look, you get the glitz and glam of a dramatic eye but the shades of brown and bronze mean you aren’t going to get side eyes if you wear it all day long. And yes, if you use the right primer and everything it WILL last all day long.

Oh and did I mention it’s all cruelty free and everything’s drugstore except the brows? Yepppp. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is this foundation – I was NOT impressed with anything about it and ended up returning it the next day.

Are there any other beauty looks you guys are interested in? I’m definitely not a makeup artist but I love recreating looks (especially on a budget!) The only thing I’m not really into doing is contouring only because I’m not great at it and there are WAY too many variables with what looks good on different face shapes, skin tones, etc.

ANYWHO – hope you love this and leave me a comment with what other kind of videos you want to see!



3 thoughts on “Bronze Eye Makeup | Drugstore Getting Ready With Me Video

    1. Does it make you feel better that I had a total fail with them today? lol. That’s why I ALWAYS use the clear lash glue, I don’t know how people use the black/brown glue – I need some room for error!

  1. I’m really impressed with your one handed eyeliner skills! I’m always tugging my eyes into new shapes just to get the liner on right.

    This makeup look totally reminded me of a real life Penny from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I could see her rocking it if her eyes were not already literally made of pennies.

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

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