Birthday Wish List!

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People. My birthday is in less than two weeks. I don’t know if I’ve just been CRAZY busy or it’s a sign of getting older but I haven’t even thought about it much until the last two days! Birthdays might mean I’m another year older but it also means presents and let’s be honest….we all love getting (and giving!) birthday gifts. I’ve put together a little birthday wish list so, ya know, if you need my address just let me know! 🙂


BCBG Heels – Like many ladies after, I loooove studded Valentinos but I’m 100% certain I will never buy a pair. Enter these amazing BCBG heels that miiiiight resemble those pricey pumps. Only these are less than $100. Chaching.

Ben Folds tickets – I’ve seen Ben Folds several times over the last decade and he never fails to disappoint. I missed him last year with the Dallas Symphony so I’ve got to make sure I see him at House of Blues this summer.
White boyfriend blazer – I have a white tuxedo blazer but I’m really kind of phasing out cropped blazers. As of right now, they just don’t do it for me and long, boyfriend blazers are where it’s at. I know it will be summer soon, but there’s always room in the closet for a white blazer.
Isaac Mizrahi laptop case – I’ve been on the hunt for a trendy laptop case and I think this is the one. It’s just so prettyyyyy.
Sam and Libby silver sandals – I NEVER thought I would want a pair of Birkenstock-inspired sandals but here we are. I’ve caved. I just really like these silver ones, okay?!
Gold Casio watch – There’s just something about this little throwback watch that makes my heart flutter. I love watches but I never want to spend the money on them, thankfully this one won’t break the bank.
Animal print swim top – I have an awesome pair of floral high waisted swim bottoms and a mint top to go with them but I would love a new top to mix it up a bit. With pattern mixing in full force, it’s the perfect time to mix animal print and floral!
That’s about it! I’m also accepting gifts in the form of PayPal cash, hugs and blog shares.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List!

  1. Oh man! I’ve been wanting a white boyfriend blazer as well! I feel the same way about the birks-inspired sandals. I rolled my eyes at them last year but I’m seeing floral prints this year and I’m like… I WAAAANT!

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