April Small Goals

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I’m four days late, but I’m super excited it’s a new month….which means new small goals! Per usual, I’m linking up with Writes Like a Girl so make sure to go check out the rest of the small goal posts. Also thanks to Nicole for hosting such an awesome linkup! 2017 is shaping out to be a butt-kicker but in a really great way, I’m not achieving all of my small goals but lots of great things are happening!

Here’s a quick review of last month’s goals:

  1. Establish a schedule for my blog work – I created a schedule….but I didn’t really stick with it. But it still counts because the goal was to establish the schedule!
  2. Take Everyday Unicorns more seriously and start advertising – I’d like to say I did this….but I didn’t. I did send a shirt to a blogger though, so it’s a start!
  3. Closet clean out – CHECK! I took everything to Buffalo Exchange and then took the rejects to Plato’s Closet and made a few extra bucks. The rest of the clothes were given to my little sister. Feels so good to have them out of my closet.
  4. Put on real clothes during the day – I did a much better job at this, and I want to continue because it helped me so much.
  5. Batch write blog posts on Sundays – Nah.
  6. Finish the blog courses I have purchased – I watched like half of one video. So no.

3 out of 6 isn’t great. Oh well, on to April! Here’s what’s on my plate for this month:

  1. Hit our savings goal for the month – My husband and I have a VERY lofty savings goal this month, but we have a plan in place and I’m excited to make this happen.
  2. Set up an Instagram account for Everyday Unicorns – This is something I’ve really been slacking on. If I’m being honest, the thought of running another IG account makes me want to hide in a corner. But if nothing else, I need to have the name so people have an account to tag.
  3. Design 4 new Everyday Unicorns shirts – I need some new inventory! The  plan is to get 4 new shirts (or other items) up in the shop.
  4. Add pins to my own Pinterest account – I’m embarrassed to admit how little I’ve pinned in the last few months for myself. (Hint: almost none). This is the month I get active on my own account again!

Keeping it at 4 goals because some of these are pretty time consuming and I know I will have a whole lot going on this month. Super excited to kick butt in April! It is my birthday month, after all <3

What’s on your radar for this month?


2 thoughts on “April Small Goals

  1. GET THOSE GOALS! I feel you on the Pinterest pins. I just had that same issue and finally forced myself to just go ahead and do it. I’m happy to say I got pins set up for the next 30 days and am so proud of myself.

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