Always Wear Real Clothes

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Last week I learned an important life lesson that I feel the need to pass onto you, dear readers.


I try to look presentable when I leave the house but sometimes (ESPECIALLY if I’m going to a drive thru), it just doesn’t happen. I woke up last Wednesday morning craving my favorite food, kolaches. And since it was my day off and I had a coupon (buy 3 get 3 free!)….kolaches were going to happen. I threw on some sweatpants, brushed my teeth and hair and left the house.

Keep in mind, these are not cute VS sweats….they’re giant and light grey like Rocky Balboa Hammer pants. Also I wasn’t wearing a bra. Class act over here.

So I get to my beloved Kolache Factory, a 20 minute drive from my house, and they’re out of sausage and cheese kolaches. I’ve made it this far. This is no time to give up. I ask how long it will be and the friendly lady on the other side of the speaker says 15-20 minutes. No worries, I will wait.

The problem: I cannot get out of my car. There’s nowhere to go looking like I do. I’m trapped. So I drive for a few minutes but the weather is nice and I don’t want to waste gas so I park and play a little Frozen Free Fall. Yeah I play that game. Don’t judge me.

After waiting a solid 20 minutes I make my way back through the drive thru. She knows it’s me.

“It’s going to be about fifteen more minutes.” 


“Do you want to come inside and wait?”

Look lady, I appreciate the offer but I’m in sweats with no bra on, I am not showing my face inside. It’s just not going to happen.

“Umm no I will just pull around and wait.”

So she takes my payment and offers to bring the kolaches to me once they’re ready. I agree, mostly because I don’t want to embarrass myself through the speaker again by asking if they’re ready a THIRD time.

I wait in my car for another 20 minutes.

In case you’re keeping track, I’ve officially waited in my car for 40 minutes. For kolaches. Also I drove 20 minutes to get there.

Finally, the very kind lady brings me my kolaches and I graciously take them. She threw in an extra one for making me wait.

The moral of the story is, wear real clothes….even if you think you’re staying in your car because the universe thinks it’s hilarious to make you pay for your laziness.

Adventure Time sweats


5 thoughts on “Always Wear Real Clothes

  1. Yep, definitely. I’ve worn a straight-up grandma moo moo nightgown (with leggings as pants on underneath) to the drive through. I felt so wrong but at the same time… I wanted that dang drive-through breakfast! lol

    But my mom taught me better. She no only always instructed me to be dressed at all times, but to even carry and change of clothes and shoes in the trunk, just in case of emergencies. What if something happens and you’re in flip flops and it’s not very safe. You need a pair of closed toe shoes.

    Thanks for the post Valery. We all know it’s a problem, but we must be part of the solution! lol

      1. haha I don’t have that problem….I suppose it’s a blessing and a curse!

        A change of clothes in the trunk is GENIUS! I might just have to take that tip for myself….you never know!!!

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