About Everyday Unicorns

Here at Everyday Unicorns, we believe in a few things:

  • intersectional feminism
  • cute and quirky apparel
  • good font use
  • soft shirts

What is Everyday Unicorns?

  1. A cute name I came up with.
  2. Seriously though, you’re all unicorns! Every single one of you is so unique and wonderful and magical. Unfortunately even though we’re unicorns, we still have to live our everyday lives….what a drag. So instead of just going through the day to day in your human form, let’s be Everyday Unicorns! Cute, right?
  3. A quirky, feminist friendly apparel shop. Everything here is made just for you (and me!)


From the owner (aka blogger Valery Brennan):

I’ve always been a lover of t shirts – not only are they super comfortable, they’re a fun way to express your beliefs. What better way to make a first impression than showing you’re an unashamed feminist? In these times, I think it’s super important.