Bonjour! I’m Valery, a 20-something, Dallas based blogger en route to self-discovery and a fabulous wardrobe. Navigating the ins and outs of adulthood, one day at a time, led by my style icons David Bowie, Joan Holloway and Kelly Kapowski….every day is a new adventure and of course, a new opportunity for a fabulous outfit.

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas – a pale kid who spent way more time inside watching tv than outside riding a bike (still true). Being a chubby and pale adolescent in the 90s and early 2000s were dark times for me – it just always felt like fashion really wasn’t “for me.” In college I (sort of) figured out what I liked to wear mostly by figuring out what I DIDN’T want to wear – I’m looking at you oversized t shirts, Uggs and Nike shorts.

After getting a degree no one really understands (University Studies with a focus in Race, Gender and Ethnicity and minors in Creative Studies and Communication), I came back to Dallas, married the love of my life, worked a job I hated for a year and then started blogging mostly as a creative outlet and to chronicle my everyday life. Now I’m thrilled to be at a job I enjoy but since I’m a workaholic, I also run this blog and two small businesses. What can I say? I thrive in a busy environment.

Have a look around – hopefully this blog inspires you to nail down your personal style and realize you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it.