7 Easy Steps to Find Your Personal Style + Thursday Threads

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Find Your Personal Style

Throughout high school and college I didn’t really have any personal style – I wasn’t sure what I liked and I kind of just bought whatever I saw that I kind of liked. And of course wore a LOT of t shirts and jeans. Over the last few years, I’ve started to really hone in on who I am and what I want to say about myself with the clothes I wear. The things you put on every day say a lot about you, and for better or for worse your clothes are usually the first impression people have about you.

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I firmly believe that a big part of loving what’s in your closet is finding your personal style. When my closet was just a hodge podge of things I bought on sale or outfits I saw on Pinterest, I just wasn’t happy. My outfits didn’t reflect me at all! After months and months of (sorry for sounding dramatic) soul searching, I have finally nailed down my personal style.

I like to call my style eclectic edge. I’m inspired by mixing the feminine and masculine, hard and soft to create interesting but still (sometimes) pretty outfits. My style icons are Joan Holloway (from Mad Men), David Bowie and Saved by the Bell dream girl Kelly Kapowski. Joan for her curve hugging ensembles, David Bowie for his love of shine, spandex and his complete disregard for sticking with gender norms, and Kelly Kapowski because she’s the quintessential 90s girl. Thankfully I gravitate towards fast fashion and vintage pieces so it’s easy to find what I like without breaking the bank, while mixing in some investment pieces.
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Now, it’s time to nail down YOUR personal style! Now this isn’t a quiz that’s going to say you’re “preppy” or “bohemian” because, let’s be honest, most of us don’t fit perfectly into those little boxes. These 10 steps will guide you and walk you through the process of what to do after you’ve figured out your personal style. Read through or scroll to the bottom and nab a printable version that you can work through!

1. What kind of person do you want to be viewed as? Clothing is how you present yourself to the world so ask yourself how you want to be viewed. Write down 3 words you want people to think of when they see you. (Ex: fun, classy, flirty, feminine, androgynous, professional)

2. What’s your favorite thing in your closet to wear right now? What do you love about it? (Hint: if you’re having trouble, go through your Instagram or some of your Facebook profile pictures for a refresher!)

3. What celebrity would you like to switch closets with? What do you love about the way he or she dresses?

4. What colors and patterns are you drawn to? Not just when it comes to clothes, in home decor, photography, etc.

5. Go to your closet – what have your most recent purchases been? Anything you have in your online shopping carts right now?

6. Who are your style icons? This can be anyone – past, present, fictional characters….anyone! This isn’t the same as someone you would switch closets with, your style icons are people you draw inspiration from, not necessarily people you want to dress JUST like.

7. Go to Pinterest, create a “Secret Board.” Now click on “Men’s fashion” or “Women’s fashion” (whichever you identify with the most) and set a timer for ten minutes. Go through and pin as MUCH as you can. Only pin things that stick out to you, but don’t think about it too much. Now come back here and write what you see. Any particular colors, styles, patterns?

Now let’s assess! Read back through your answers and figure out where you are. Your personal style doesn’t have to just be one thing (Bohemian, etc), it’s more than likely going to be a combination! I call my personal style Eclectic edge because most of the things I wear have an edge to them, but I don’t limit myself to full on head to toe edgy looks. I almost always mix with feminine looks, sometimes more classic silhouettes, etc. Don’t go any further until you’ve got your personal style defined!
10. Write down some pieces you need to get rid of. Now if you need to hang on to some of these clothes until you can replace them, I totally understand! But still include them in this chart to hold yourself accountable!
11. Write down at least five things you’d like to add to your wardrobe that will enhance what you already have.
12. Accessories can be one of the most inexpensive, easy ways to completely change a look. What three accessories can you add to your closet to define your personal style? For my style (eclectic edge), I might say a large statement ring, chain necklace and a black floppy hat.
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 So there you have it! If you’ve been struggling to find your personal style and this helps at all PLEASE come back and let me know! Or find me on social media (valerybrennan pretty much everywhere). Also if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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37 thoughts on “7 Easy Steps to Find Your Personal Style + Thursday Threads

  1. I didn’t even know that pinterest had secret boards! That is pretty neat. I don’t really have a style so these tips could really help! Thank you for posting this

  2. I absolutely love this list! I am 25 and just learned what my personal style is. I am a minimalist. I like things to be clean, simple, solid colors, no patterns, easy, basic & classic.

  3. I’m in love with your style and your hair… It’s so awesome. Have fun and continue to be creative. I thought I was the only one who created secret Pinterest boards. LOL

  4. My style is what it is. I am one of those people that marches to the beat of my own drum and buy clothes I like – not what’s in style.

  5. This is great Valery! I know for my own style, I’m a little all over the place with what I wear and where I want my style to go. I think by going through these steps and utilizing your closet clean out, I may be able to figure this all out.

  6. I love your personal style and you are too cute with your style icons! Great tips too…my style has evolved over the years and I best describe my style as versatile…I like to wear different looks depending on my mood and what feels great when wearing!


    Brooke | KBStyled

  7. I love how you know your sense of style so well. Your outfits look great and definitely represent you well. I think I know my sense of style because I tend to buy similar items. I love prints and bright colors.

  8. such cute style ideas. I’m so ready for fall. This morning it’s actually cold here. Which is awesome. Ok by cold I mean 70. 🙂

  9. These are wonderful styles! My personal style is always based on what I’m in a mood to wear, whether it’s a vintage dress that has an Old Hollywood feel to it or a grunge-esque, yet chic outfit.

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