39 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Backstreet Boys Documentary

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The other night I was blogging and opened Netflix, like I do so often. What do I see at the top of the screen? Backstreet Boys: Show Em What You’re Made Of…I HAD to watch it. Of course I’m a 90s girl so I would’ve watched it anyway, but I was especially interested because I saw a trailer for it when I saw them in concert in 2013. Yes, I went to their concert. Granted, my tickets were free but I was on the first row behind the pit and to be perfectly honest it was SO dang fun. The dudes are still committed and pretty great, I have to give credit where credit’s due. (Even though Nsync will always be better). Here are 39 thoughts I had while watching the documentary – minor spoilers ahead, but not really because no one dies.

  1. Nick looks scary
  2. AJ is still the hottest + he has a Drive jacket so…bonus points. 
  3. Oh yeah, they play instruments!
  4. At least they admit they were manufactured, instead of pretending like they were just 5 pals who could sing and dance.
  5. How did we (as humans) not know that Lou Pearlman was a creeper…? Are they going to talk about that?!
  6. When BSB came out, they legitimately looked like CK models, I’ll give them that.
  7. Nick was eleven when they started. ELEVEN. They must have hated him.
  8. Kevin should be Jack Skellington for Halloween.
  9. Hearing any boybander curse is still weird to me.2013-08-30-21.51.58web
  10. What’s wrong with Brian?! Now I feel bad for making fun of him for being SO weird at the concert. (But really, he was SO weird.)
  11. Oh lord, Lou’s house was really cool. Pool tables, hot room, coke machines. “Best damn tasting coke you’ve had in your life” because it was probably drugged!!!!!
  12. They watched porn at Lou’s house. I REPEAT they watched porn at Lou’s house!!!!!
  13. This stuff about Kevin’s dad is heavy. Did NOT expect this to be so sad.
  14. They’re talking about doing a show in an inner city high school before they were famous….scared about where this is going.
  15. Hahahaha their PA went out at the inner city high school
  16. When Kevin was 21, Nick was 13. 
  17. How can I get my hands on one of those original BSB shirts that was clearly just an iron-on transfer?
  18. Lol at old footage where Nick tries to tell the other boys what to do. They totally hated him.
  19. Nick definitely has fake teeth. I’m 100% sure of it. 
  20. A lot of bad hats are happening in this movie. I’m looking at you Brian, Nick and Kevin. AJ looks great in all hats so I’ll give him a pass. 2013-08-30-22.47.08web
  21. Oh man, white people clapping. White people clapping is my favorite and also least favorite thing.
  22. Lou Pearlman definitely came up with the idea for the “Quit Playing Games” video where they all have on white button down shirts and are drenched.
  23. Ahhh the “Backstreet’s Back” video with the monsters. YESSSSSS.
  24. Howie is insisting on being a lead man on the new album…..he said it’s the only way he would agree to do the new record. Okay Howie. 
  25. AJ keeps his nails and toe nails painted all the time. I’m weirded out but also I’m working hard to eliminate gender roles from my life so you just keep doing you, AJ.
  26. My husband is really concerned that Kevin has two breast pockets + cargo pants. “You should write that that guy has way more pockets than he could ever need.”
  27. “Lou said ‘come here, I want to show you something’” AHHHH NO. Okay, it’s just an Nsync video.
  28. Even in a BSB documentary, Nsync makes an appearance.
  29. Lou Pearlman created Nsync as competition for Backstreet Boys. That’s so messed up.
  30. Oh heeeeere we go: the sob story about how they toured and did all this stuff but didn’t have the bank account to reflect it. Okay.
  31. My husband sees Lou Pearlman on the screen “Who’s that? A Pedophile?” Me: “Yep.”
  32. They’re in Lou’s house in 2014?! What if it’s booby trapped?!
  33. WAIT. Nick was 17 when Millennium came out?! Why is that so disturbing to me? 2013-08-30-22.12.58-2web
  34. Brian had open heart surgery when they were in their prime and they didn’t cancel or postpone anything for him to recover?! That’s sad.
  35. Me: “Who do you think was my favorite?” Husband: “The guy with corn rows.” Me: “How did you know?!” Husband: “I don’t know….he looks gross. Just kidding.” (except he was right)
  36. Brian and Nick are screaming at each other. I bet this happened a lot. Pretty boy vs. the voice.
  37. Nick’s family drama is for real. This documentary is much heavier than I expected.
  38. Okay good, everything’s fine and they’re all happy. 
  39. I actually went to this concert. In 2014. I was in the first row behind the pit. lol

Has anyone else seen this documentary? Adding it to your Netflix queue now? Sound off in the comments!


4 thoughts on “39 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Backstreet Boys Documentary

  1. On freaking point! Especially the Lou Pearlman comments ? I was super bothered how uhhh “racy” the Quit Playing Games video was. I do not remember the whole “touching themselves while soaking wet and might as well be dancing to Pony at this rate” aspect of it lol… I was shocked how young Nick was, too. I wanted to whack him every time he tried to correct Howie when they harmonize hahah

  2. Wasn’t ever as big a BSB fan as NSYNC. Although I think I did have their Millenium album. And honorable mention to their appearance at the end of “This is the End”. Now that was greatness lol, not my idea of Heaven but maybe a stoner Seth Rogen’s idea. PS- didn’t watch the documentary on Netflix, but I noticed it was on there. My next Netflix queue is “The Last Unicorn”. I must relive that horrific animated movie that I loved as a child but probably had no idea why since it should probably have scarred me.

    1. Same – I always liked BSB but Nsync was forever my favorite! I never saw This is the End but I’m tempted to YouTube the ending just to see their cameo lol. You definitely have to watch their documentary on Netflix if you need something kind of dumb but entertaining – even my husband showed up and watched the last 30 mins or so with me haha.

  3. “Might as well be dancing to Pony at this rate” hahahaha. I’m legitimately terrified of Lou Pearlman. I remember a few years ago I read this HUGE expose of him online and I was like about to pee my pants. Nick was super annoying but also…I think Howie is kind of bad lol. One of his solo songs came up on my iTunes radio today and I was like ummm skip.

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