An Unfortunate But True Tall Tale

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Goodness my trip to Chicago feels like a LIFETIME ago. I mean, it was a month ago but stillll. I almost forgot I still had this last set of photos tucked away but now that we’re in that weird “almost spring” season, they work better anyway.
Full disclosure, it was SO COLD when I took these photos….which is why I have lobster hands. I can’t help it, my pale skin can’t handle the cold!

I’ve realized over the last few weeks that blog posts go over much better if there’s a story involved. I know for me personally I get tired of just reading “here’s what I wore, here’s where I got it and here’s why I wore it” so I’m really trying to move away from those posts. I wasn’t really sure what to write for this one. I love this outfit, but what else can I say about this trip to Chicago that I haven’t already?

Oh yeah, I’ve got it.

So the first outfit I shot in Chicago was this one. Cloud City, aka the Bean, is probably Chicago’s most popular landmark next to Willis Tower. It wasn’t super crowded but as you can see in the photos, there were a good amount of people around. My photographer and I got hit with some pretty bad traffic that morning so we were in a rush to get these photos done before his next shoot, plus it was insanely cold so we didn’t want to lollygag. But there were like zero bathrooms nearby. We couldn’t find one anywhere within walking distance.

I did what probably every fashion blogger has done before…I changed clothes in public. Thank GOODNESS I was wearing those leather tights in my first outfit and I could wear the button down in both outfits, but I still had to take off my jacket and dress with like a million strangers around me in Downtown Chicago. Okay, maybe not a million but at least 30. And I got a lot of weird looks from them.

It wasn’t that bad, but getting undressed in downtown Chicago (even if I’m not exposed at all) is not something I would like to relive again.

These are the things I do for you people. You’re welcome, world.


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4 thoughts on “An Unfortunate But True Tall Tale

  1. No lie, I had to do this on the UT campus one weekend a couple years ago because I was shooting a mini capsule (SEVEN OUTFITS!) and ALL the doors were locked. Except it wasn’t freezing, it was SCALDING hot. I look like a sweaty pig in every photo, and definitely some rando students saw me change from one dress to another. >.< Never again!

    1. Gahhhhh cleaning out my email and realized I never responded to this! First off, I’m impressed you shot seven outfits in one day in the summer – even during the winter changing that many times makes me sweaty! Oh the things we do for blogging lol

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