Jedi Inspired Poncho Outfit

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Jedi Inspired Star Wars OutfitIn case you haven’t heard, a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in just 4 days. If you’re like me, you lost your dang mind when it was announced back in October 2012. I cannot believe it’s finally here! To celebrate, I wanted to wear a few Star Wars inspired outfits to get us in the mood and to show that geek can still be chic! It’s also an easy outfit formula that you can use even if you’re not a Star Wars fan (for shame).

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valery-brennan-star-wars-poncho-9646valery-brennan-star-wars-poncho-9666I found this amazing minimalist Star Wars tee at Kohl’s and seriously had to pick it up. As much as I love the traditional Star Wars logo I was really drawn to the narrow sans serif font on this shirt – I love that it has such an iconic image without screaming Star Wars.

valery-brennan-star-wars-poncho-9650 valery-brennan-star-wars-poncho-9664 valery-brennan-star-wars-poncho-9713Instead of just throwing on jeans and a tee and calling it a day, I wanted to go for a Luke Skywalker inspired look so I added my trusty riding boots and camel poncho. Everyone knows shades of tan are totally Tattooine trendy. Even if you’re not going for a Luke Skywalker look (and why would you not?!) throwing a poncho over a graphic or plain tee is a perfect way to elevate your look. Remember that third piece rule I told you about? Yep, that.

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valery-brennan-star-wars-poncho-9717Shirt: Kohl’s ($9; exact) | Jeans: Forever 21 ($8; exact) | Boots: Target ($20; exact) | Poncho: Forever 21 ($10; similar) | Photos by Stephanie Drenka

Do you have your Star Wars tickets yet?!  I’ve got Thursday night and Friday afternoon tickets. My body is ready.

May the Force Be With You.


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