Easy and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes from a Temporary Vegetarian

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Last month, my husband (the thin 20 something guy who eats whatever he wants and never works out) proposed something crazy to me. He said we should be vegetarians for the month of January. My eyes got SO wide – I really couldn’t believe it! We’ve never done well with SUPER strict diets and it was totally out of left field. But we agreed to give it a fair shake.

We had been eating fast food SO often – I’m talking at least once a day, people! We knew turning vegetarian would get us out of that habit because there aren’t a ton of fast food veggie options. I also tend to have high cholesterol so cutting out red meat will really help that. In the last two weeks, we’ve saved a ton of money and eaten at home way more often. Admittedly, I haven’t been eating as many veggies as I would like but we’re slowly but surely getting there. My cravings for meat are pretty much non existent (except chicken….I could always eat chicken). As long as we have the meals planned, it’s not too tough.

Here are some super easy recipes that have helped us get through the last two weeks:

Have any awesome vegetarians recipes? Leave them below! We’ve got two weeks to go and who knows…maybe I’ll be a (mostly) vegetarian from here on out!


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