Weekend Recap + New blog series announcement!

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Hello there!

I hope everyone had a LOVELY Labor Day Weekend! Mine was a nice combination of relaxation and productivity…my favorite kind of weekend.

Here’s a recap of what I did!

This is terrible but I literally can’t remember what I did Friday night. Not because i was in some drunken stupor, I just really can’t remember. I think I probably watched Netflix on the couch.

I spent Saturday afternoon running errands – made it to the post office ten minutes before they closed, y’all! Then I went and snagged TIGI Bedhead’s Elasticate Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner that was on clearance at Ulta ($20 for 750 mL of shampoo and 1L of conditioner!) I actually saw it last week and was intrigued but decided to pass it up. After reading some reviews online, I realized….

So far, I’m really liking it! It’s supposed to strengthen brittle/dry shampoo and since I bleach mine…it’s right up my alley. The bad news is, I’m wondering if it’s discontinued now because it’s not on Ulta’s website anymore. The good news is, I bought a ton so I should be set for a while!

Saturday night, a few bloggers got together and had a photoshoot in Addison Circle Park! It was a ton of fun but the humidity turned my already bad hair day into a HOT MESS! I’m hoping to still be able to salvage some photos to share with you guys haha. Those will be coming next week! For now, here’s a photo of me and a dog that I met and instantly made out with because I just couldn’t resist him.


Sunday, my husband and I went to the Perot Museum for the first time! It was SUPER crowded but we were able to meet up with Stephanie and her husband, and our friend Mia gave us a private tour of the World’s Largest Dinosaurs exhibit. My husband said it best, “Man, she was made for this job.” Then I told him that Mia’s actually a volunteer, so she’s just a great person! ┬áThankfully, we ALSO got to see Sevi for a few minutes but she was supposedly “working” so she couldn’t stay and chat for long.


Top L: Obligatory outfit photo. Not pictured: high top leopard Vans Top R: Actual model used to design the t-rex from Jurassic Park!!!! Bottom L: The husband testing his reflexes. He was quicker than me -_- Bottom R: quick selfie featuring my kind of purple hair because I left my purple shampoo on for too long.

Monday was a hardcore productivity day. I’ve had a few projects that I’ve been dying to get finished up so my sweet husband helped me out with those! They’ll be making their way onto the blog soon – let’s just say I went through more than one can of gold spraypaint and there were tears shed because Ikea is the best and worst.


I’ve been toying with this idea for MONTHS now, so I finally shared it with several blogger pals who instantly jumped on board! Now I’m being held accountable. This new series is going to be called Two-Way Tuesday. Basically, they will be outfit posts showing one piece worn two very different ways. I’m hoping this will help me stretch my closet and get pieces worn in many different ways, but I’m also hoping it will help you guys do the same! Next week will be our first one, so if you’re a blogger get your outfit photos ready and join the link up! Can’t wait!!!


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