Two Way Tuesday | October Challenge

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Okay y’all, so I’m cheating this Two Way Tuesday a bit. I’m still in vacation recovery mode (how did my house get so dirty when no one was home?!), PLUS I’ve got a brand new nephew so my outfit-taking time has been a bit limited.

Hopefully you’ll forgive me after seeing how precious my nephew is.


Here are some recycled outfits featuring my favorite black pencil skirt. It’s textured and fitted and long and wonderful. The texture makes it really forgiving, which is absolutely great. PLUS it’s crazy versatile. Not pictured, but I’ve even worn it with a t shirt and high top Converse!

For the deets on this first outfit, check out this post. Also make sure to check and see how much I paid for the sweatshirt 🙂




This outfit was a little nicer, definitely more work-appropriate. I love knotting up longer shirts, it’s a great way to make those oversized shirts feel a little more tailored. For more on this look, check out this post.


This is one of my favorite looks I’ve featured on my blog. Even though it’s all black, I tried to really play with a lot of textures and styles but keeping it all black still made it feel chic and grown up. More on this one here.



Since Two-Way Tuesday is all about switching up your wardrobe, I thought this was a perfect chance to tell you guys about my newest wardrobe challenge! I found the Greater Than Rubies Wardrobe Remixing challenge quite a while back via Pinterest and then totally forgot about it…classic Pinterest move. Thankfully it has made it’s way back into my life and I’ve decided to hop on board! Starting October 1st, I will only be wearing 20 articles of clothing, mixing and matching them to come up with 31 brand new combinations, stretch my creativity and hopefully fall in love with the clothes I already have instead of buying new ones.

I think a lot of times we convince ourselves we NEED certain pieces of clothing when in reality, we already have GREAT stuff in our closet…we just need to breathe some new life into it! What better way than to wear brand spankin’ new combinations of clothes we already have.  The best part of this challenge is the 20 items don’t include shoes or accessories…YES. We all know what a huge difference accessories can make so I’m excited to really push myself to change things up with scarves, shoes, statement necklaces, etc. I am using black as my main neutral just so it’s easy to mix and match everything. I’ve got some color in my completer pieces but I also plan on bringing in a lot more color with shoes and accessories.

Here’s my list as it stands right now! Subject to change in the next 24 hours 🙂


Blue skinny jeans
Maroon leggings
Black pencil skirt
Black tulle skirt
Little black dress
Acid wash jeans


Oversized plaid shirt
Chambray shirt
Gingham button down
Grey v neck sweater
Sheer button down with skulls
ONE casual t shirt
Black and white striped shirt
Black v neck


Mustard blazer
Grey cardigan
Plum cardigan
Grey puffer vest
Denim vest
Grey moto jacket

So who’s in?! I’m really excited about this! Take some time to check out Greater Than Rubies, she has TONS of great resources and some other challenges and variations on Remixing Your Wardrobe so if you’re interested but a whole month doesn’t sound right for you, definitely take advantage!


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