Keep doing you, Chris Pratt

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Warning: This post has almost no real value.

I’m really sorry it’s taken you people to realize the perfection that is Chris Pratt but I’m glad, as a country, we’re on the right track now. In case somehow you aren’t already a huge fan, let me help you out.

10. He’s in Jurassic World….duh. Is it June 12, 2015 yet?


9. He knows every word to the only Eminem song worth knowing

8. Ummm hello did you see The Lego Movie?

7. He doesn’t take himself too seriously


5. He’s married to none other than the adorable and hilarious Anna Faris (even before he was a super jacked bro as evidenced by this photo).


© 2011 GabboT, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

4. He really loves his kid. I mean, REALLY.


3. Apparently he is a time traveler and/or knows the future.

2.  He totally embraced being overweight (at least for a while)


1. He’s super ripped now…and I’m not complaining about that.


Don’t ever change, Chris Pratt. We love you just the way you are.



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