On the Run with Jay Z and Beyonce

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I know I’ve done a lot of pop culture posts lately but it’s one of my favorite things so just bear with me! I’ll start mixing it up again very soon 🙂

Now that I’ve had some time to process the On the Run Tour, let me just tell you, it was LIFE CHANGING.

First off, I don’t have any of my own photos or videos because we had basically the worst seats in the whole place (and I don’t want to post someone else’s photos and get sued). Honestly, half the time we couldn’t see them on the stage and we could barely see the screens because our seats were kind of on the side of the stage. But I’m NOT complaining because it was still magical.

If you want to see pictures of the magic I (sort of) saw last night, go here.

We walked into the stadium and the GIANT jumbotron was black except for the words “THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE.” Of course they started an hour late so everyone had tons of time to think that over. I kind of figured they were just referring to the fact that a live show is kind of a bubble…you can really just forget about everything and be present. Fortunately, I was wrong, but more on that later.

So the show starts and it’s everything you would expect and more. I’ve seen Beyonce and Jay Z both on their own but having them together on stage was almost too much to handle. They are the epitome of a power couple. TONS of hits – some duets, some on their own. I won’t give any spoilers but if you want to see the full set list, it’s available here. The transition between songs was seamless and the energy was high the entire night.

So you know the story: crazy in love couple (see what I did there), they rob banks, get into trouble, then have trouble themselves relationship-wise and you can probably guess what happens after that. I won’t spoil it since I KNOW if you’re reading this you’re definitely going to watch their HBO special on September 20.

Amidst COUNTLESS rumours of divorce and separation, the tension was real throughout the stadium all night. Besides a few moments, for the most part they were on their own – even when they sang together, the normal chemistry wasn’t there. This wasn’t the Jay Z and Beyonce we knew. This wasn’t the Drunk in Love performance from the Grammys. What is going on?

The concert was coming to a close, Jay Z and Beyonce made their way to the center of the floor and she starts to sing “Forever Young,” obviously a classic 80s song but also a song that Jay Z samples on his track….”Young Forever.” Then it happened. On the jumbotron: THIS IS REAL LIFE followed by a nine minute montage of Jay Z and Beyonce through the years, culminating with fairly recent footage with Mr. and Mrs. Carter and Blue Ivy. While they were performing the last few songs, Beyonce and Jay Z’s chemistry was totally different than it had been the rest of the night. THIS IS REAL LIFE.

I could be totally wrong, and if I am, I’ll admit it later. But for now, here’s what I think and it’s going to make me feel better so don’t tell me otherwise.

It’s an act, you guys. It’s a show. The entire set was based around the story they were telling. This wasn’t just a concert, it was theater. Their lack of spark and chemistry throughout the night was totally intentional because THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE.

I bought tickets to this show because they’re Jay Z and Beyonce but also because I wasn’t sure how much longer they would be together. And I didn’t want to look back and think “WHY didn’t I go see them when they were together?!” How many other people did the same thing? My guess is A LOT.

All of these rumours support the On the Run narrative and they’re moving tickets. Beyonce changed the lyrics to “Resentment” a few weeks ago in Cincinnati and people lost their mind. But she was also wearing a wedding dress like she was in the pre-recorded footage. She was going along with the narrative. THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE.

Beyonce and Jay Z have always been very strategic with their relationship and how much they let the public in on. (Remember the “are they or aren’t they dating” days?! Ugh, I miss that.) Do you really think if they were getting a divorce they would incorporate infidelity into their joint tour? I don’t. If you were doing a show together and people were speculating that you were splitting so they were buying tickets….would you openly deny those rumours? I wouldn’t.

Only time will tell, but my guess is we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mr. and Mrs. Carter.


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    1. You HAVE to watch it! I love them both but I totally get the Jay Z love…he’s fabulous. So much swagger but he still comes across so down to earth. Last time I saw him he brought the lights up and thanked the audience for about fifteen minutes while complimenting people and putting them on the big screens. Seems like such a nice guy.

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