Fake it ’til you make it.

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Confession: yesterday was a rough day. Nothing particularly tragic happened, but I was just feeling really discouraged. I’ve been doing a lot of things halfway lately and it’s been really frustrating because I feel like I’m not succeeding at anything. This includes (but is not limited to): blogging, headband-ing, eating healthy, working out and trying to be an all around good person.


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My body isn’t quite where I want it to be, but you know what…who cares. Our bodies are fragile, imperfect and finicky. I also like good food and sometimes I skip a workout so I can hang out with my husband and watch TV instead. One of my style icons is Joan Holloway from Mad Men and guess what, sometimes her stomach sticks out of her pencil skirts a little bit but she still looks AMAZING. Confidence and swagger can go a long way, you guys.

So last night when I stepped in my closet to find my Monday outfit, I just wasn’t feeling it. But then I realized….it’s time for me to fake it ’til I make it.┬áI grabbed a black pencil skirt, a flowy top and some killer heels. Knotted that top (because it’s probably my favorite trend right now) and added some accessories. When I tried the outfit on, I wasn’t feeling super confident but I convinced myself to just go for it.

And what do you know – today, I feel amazing. Even though I’m not really in the shape I want to be, today I’m loving myself because I’m worth it.

Top: TJ Maxx | Skirt: Express (similar here) | Necklace: Wrist Soiree | Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar here)

In summary: if you’re feeling down, grab something sassy out of your closet and fake it ’til you make it. Make your wardrobe work for YOU.

Happy monday, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Fake it ’til you make it.

  1. I can relate to this. I was so afraid to rock my swimsuit in Mexico, because I’m not the super skinny girl I use to be in high school. I’ve got curves and just happen to be a soft around the edges. When I put on my galaxy swimsuit, you couldn’t tell me a damn thing! I was just so happy to be healthy and happy with the fact that you know what I am lucky to be alive and enjoying every single day. KEEP ROCKING IT GIRL!

    1. Right?! If you feel good, who cares what anyone else says?! Also, you looked AMAZING in that galaxy swimsuit. WERK.

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