$10 for a great haircut? That’s right, my friends.

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$10. Everytime. How do I do it? Beauty school, duh!!!

You might be a little hesitant to have your hair cut/colored/whatever by a student, but I promise it has always been a great experience for me. You’ll leave with a great looking head of hair without breaking the bank, plus you’re helping someone further their education! Yeah!

Dorian Stripling getting his first haircut in Tallahassee, Florida from Flickr via Wylio
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Here’s what to expect:

1. A student will be the one fixing you up. The good news is, even if they’re brand new you don’t have to be nervous because before they do anything they run it by an educator, who will also come check your hair once they’re done.
2. It’s going to take a while. Expect to spend several hours at the salon, depending on what you’re getting done. Bring a good book and have your phone fully charged because there will be a bit of a wait!
3. They’re going to use high-quality salon products, just like any other salon you go to. Salon Professional Academy  (which is where I go) uses Redken color and products!
4. Make sure you know what you want. My friend who cuts my hair knows my style and taste pretty well, but I’ve been to other schools where they’re a lot more nervous about a drastic change in your hair. Have some great photos and be confident in what you want – I wouldn’t recommend going in and just saying “do whatever you think looks best” simply because you don’t want to scare your stylist. BUT once you know the person, you might be able to give them a little more freedom 🙂
5. You can pay with credit card but you can only tip with cash!!! I’m the WORST about this so I try to bring in a little extra cash every few times. From what I understand, most beauty schools are this way. Also, they are students so they’re getting hours but they usually don’t get paid to work so make sure to take that into consideration.
6. Trust your stylist and have fun! He or she may still be learning but they’re probably more of an expert than you 🙂 Sit back, relax and let them do their thing. If you end up needing something fixed BE NICE about it and I’m sure they will happily oblige!

If you’re in the Dallas area, I highly recommend Salon Professional Academy in Lewisville. They do a great job and everyone is super nice! I also have some cards I can send you for $5 off your first haircut which means you’ll be paying FIVE DOLLARS FOR A HAIRCUT! All of their other services are priced really well so I promise it’s a great bargain. Let me know if you’re interested in a discount card and I can mail one to you!



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