Surviving without cable

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Since my husband and I moved into our own apartment in February 2013, we made a decision to not have cable. It just wasn’t worth the $60-$80 per month (in addition to internet) since we were on a VERY tight budget. Over a year later, we still don’t have cable and I wouldn’t change a thing. So how do we do it?


1. Fast internet – This was really a no-brainer for us. My husband does video game development and I have my own businesses (and blog) so having high speed internet was a top priority for us – even if we did have cable. We are able to stream videos on multiple computers and download things super fast. We pay less than $60 per month for the highest speed internet. Seems counter-intuitive if you’re trying to save money but I think it’s worth the extra $10-$15/month to have speedy internet, especially if you’re going to be streaming videos often.

2. Subscription services – My husband and I have chosen to go with Netflix ($7.99) and Hulu Plus ($8) but there are several other good ones out there too! Check them out, use the free trials and see which one best suits your needs. I love Netflix because it has most of my favorite tv shows I can watch reruns of, plus Netflix originals and my favorite AMC shows. And honestly, even if I had cable I would probably still pay for Netflix. Then of course we use Hulu Plus for our current favorites like Modern Family, Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project, etc.


I just really like Mark Wahlberg, OKAY?!?!?



Shows we watch regularly – RIP Michael J. Fox Show.

3. Don’t pay for what you aren’t using – Here’s a really important tip…don’t pay for Hulu Plus when new shows aren’t coming out!!! We make sure to put our account in vacation mode during the summer because we know none of our shows are on. You can do this for up to 12 weeks and it’s totally free. You won’t save a ton of money but you won’t be wasting it either and you’ll feel really smart 🙂 Also, if you get Netflix and don’t like it…cancel it! Don’t be lazy, save your money!



4. Ask friends for help! – This is a biggie for me. If there’s something I’m really dying to watch (like The Grammys Tribute to the Beatles they had a few months ago that I FINALLY watched last weekend…thanks dad!), I make sure someone DVRs it for me. Unless you’re constantly asking your friends, they will more than likely say yes. Offer to bring dinner so you can watch it together!

5. Get a Chromecast!!! – The best $35 you’ll ever spend. We bought one of these bad boys when they came with three free months of Netflix so it really only cost us $9 but I would happily pay $35 for one if I had to do it all over again. This little guy is AMAZING. You just plug it into your TV, do a quick setup (basically put in your wireless info) and it’s ready to go. Open up Google Chrome on your computer, laptop or phone (you DO have Google Chrome, right?), click the little button in the browser and it will “cast” whatever page is in that browser to your TV! It’s seriously amazing. So instead of watching TV on your computer you’re actually watching it on your television. You can get one here (or at Best Buy, Target or numerous other retailers).


I think that’s about it! If you have any questions, leave a comment! Do you have cable? Is it worth it? Let’s discuss!



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