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I’m here! I have a blog! I’ve been kind of obsessed with blogs lately, and I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon!

So…what am I doing? Honestly, I made this blog because I’m totally not an expert. This blog will (hopefully) help you realize that it’s all a journey. Fashion. Home. Cooking. DIY projects. Beauty. All of that good stuff you see on other blogs with their perfectly perfect workstations and flawless faces…this isn’t really the place for that.¬†But I’m getting there!

The name inspiration for this blog comes from one of my favorite songs EVER, “In Repair” by John Mayer. If you don’t know it by heart (or if you do), listen to it now. Right now. Do it. That song has literally helped me get through the roughest times of my life and when I’m feeling down I just crank that bad boy up and remind myself that “I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there.” Aren’t we all?

Here’s what I’m working on and what you can expect to see here:

-Fashion (but, everyday wear, because I’m a normal person with a job and a life and a budget)
-FOOD (because obviously)
-Fitness (ugh…I’m TRYING)
-Faith (that’s pretty self explanatory)
-Feminism (don’t let this scare you away! You’re probably a feminist too, you just might not know it yet!)
-Face (always new products to try out and new trends to laugh about in five years…now I will have a place to document them!)
-Furnishings (really this should be called Home, but I wanted to stick with the letter F theme I had going on)
-Finds (new products and brands I love…especially small businesses)
-Finally….DIY (see what I did there?) This girl LOVES a good DIY project – big or small! I’ve finished quite a few projects lately so I want to share them with you and hopefully inspire you to tackle that big project you’ve been avoiding!

So come learn with me, grow with me! Let’s get to know each other and let’s encourage each other to be better. Let’s break some fashion rules, make our houses a space we want to call home, learn some new beauty tips and perfect some old ones. Let’s do it, y’all.


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