Simple black jumpsuit

Just a super quick outfit post for you lovelies! A few weeks ago (okay it was a month ago, now…) I had a CRAZY week/weekend including a happy hour, Fashion X Dallas, Bryan Batt concert out of town, Fashion X Dallas again and last but not least, the Black Collar Affair, a fundraiser for the DFW Humane Society. Since I had five events five nights in a row, I was a total genius and picked out my outfits ahead of time. Knowing I would be EXHAUSTED by the last night, I opted for a comfy outfit of a black jumpsuit and a blazer.

But this is no ordinary jumpsuit.

This is a $7 jumpsuit. SEVEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE! I bought it with the green jumpsuit I wore to Fashion X Dallas and because it was bundled it totaled out to a whopping $7. I had originally planned on returning it but for $7 I knew I could find somewhere to wear it. I paired it with my mustard blazer (you’ve seen it before, right?) and some killer T-strap heels. Oh and don’t forget a snazzy Bauble Bar accessory 😉

Jumpsuit: Charlotte Russe ($7) | Blazer: H&M/bought secondhand ($15) | Heels: Dillards ($75-a rare splurge for me) | Earrings: Bauble Bar ($20)

Sorry these photos aren’t the best, but I just couldn’t resist sharing a $7 jumpsuit with you!



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