Venturing out to The State Fair of Texas

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Okay y’all, I’ve gotta be straight with you. I think the State Fair of Texas is overrated. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love fried food but I don’t really understand the appeal of the whole event. It’s crowded, expensive and there’s really not that much to do (please don’t kick me out of Texas). That being said, I’ve only been one time prior to this year, so I decided to give it another try.

The bad news is, I waited until the last weekend to actually go and then my husband got food poisoning. SO my dear friend Stephanie went along with me (she had never been before!) Thankfully we both had the same agenda: eat some fried food and then peace out.

Photos by Stephanie Drenka


Since it was the last Saturday, it was hilariously crowded but we managed. First up, we hunted down the #1 item on my list – Deep Fried Breakfast for Dinner. This thing was SO indulgent and wonderful, y’all. Eggs, sausage, ham, cheese (SO MUCH CHEESE), and tiny bits of cinnamon roll wrapped up and fried to perfection. It was glorious but I have to say, I’m really glad we split a half order, otherwise I probably would’ve been sick.



Next up, we had to find the fried loaded baked potato. Unfortunately the only place to find this item was the God-forsaken food court. Great in theory, this food court was hot, stuffy and PACKED with people. Of course the line was about 20 people deep but food was literally the only reason we went to the state fair so we stuck it out. TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Stephanie and I both agreed this was something we could’ve eaten more of and regularly. It was basically like they took mashed potatoes and added everything you’d want in a loaded baked potato, the breading also head bacon bits and some kind of kick to it (maybe a little jalapeno?) and of course ranch to dip it in. I’m considering trying to make some of these on my own.


I even ran into my old friend Henry! xoxo

Then we had to hit up Fletcher’s corn dogs (because who doesn’t get a corn dog at the fair?) Spoiler alert: I think I like the frozen ones better. Corn dog batter should be sweet, okay people?!


On our way out, we used our extra tickets to get some delicious cotton candy and when I got home I basically ate it until I was sick.

All in all, I would call this a successful fair trip. We were only there for a few hours but I wouldn’t really want to spend any more time than that, if I’m being honest. I’m just not cut out for the State Fair of Texas.

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo for life!!!


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