13 Halloween Costumes for Short Hair

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Best costumes for short hair - rocking a short haircut but not sure what Halloween costumes will work for you? Check out this list for tons of short hair costume ideas with tips on what to wear! | Halloween costume ideas | pixie haircut halloween costume | pixie cut halloween | easy halloween costumesI’ve had short hair for a while now (yikes…eight years, not including 2012 when I grew it out for my wedding) so I KNOW the woes of trying to find a great Halloween costume without buying a wig! Here’s a list of 13 (mostly simple and inexpensive) costume ideas for you short haired babes to get you started!

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  1. Joy from Inside Out 
    • simple little green dress
    • spray or color your hair blue
    • blue eyeliner and eyebrows with bright pink lips. I would also tight line your waterline with a white liner (this one from NYX is my favorite) to make your eyes look bigger
    • don’t forget to embody joy by bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

  2. Patti Mayonnaise (works for bobs OR pixie cuts!)
    • if you’re a pixie rocking girl, you need to do the later version of Patti
      • blue long sleeve shirt or sweater with pink polka dots (you can use felt to create the polka dots on the cheap!)
      • jeans or other blue pants or leggings
      • pink sneakers or flats
      • hoop earrings
    • if your hair is a bit longer, you can still be Patti!
      • same shirt/sweater as above
      • blue skirt (hers is a skater skirt but really any above the knee skirt will do!)
      • pink sneakers
      • white scrunchy socks
      • make sure your hair is kind of crazy! Tease it at the roots to create lots of volume and add mousse or other product to keep the hold
  3. Tyra Banks (yes, she has a pixie right now!)
      • short, sleek pixie
      • heavy eye makeup and contouring
      • she’s been wearing a lot of really “classy” outfits lately so I would go with trendy, fitted suiting
      • make SURE to have a crazy Tyra attitude – use phrases like “smize” and “booty tooch” all night – this is going to be key for this costume!

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  4. Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show – I actually did a DIY version of this costume in college and won a RHPS costume contest! I beat out all the girls dressed in lingerie so you KNOW my costume was good. I just HAD to include this one but it does take a little work. That being said, you can still do it on the cheap! (Sorry I don’t have a better photo!)
    • black short shorts OR do what I did and chop off some cheap black leggings
    • hot glue ribbon onto the shorts to make them “striped”
    • gold jacket (this is the trickiest part, mine was something I already had from American Apparel)
    • top hat (you can find plastic ones at any party store in the “gangster” section), spray paint or paint it gold
    • make a red sequin bow tie using a small strip of fabric
    • fish net tights
    • blue socks + black heels or mary jane style shoes
    • heavy eye makeup and an insane contour line
    • Sequin corset OR do what I did – buy enough sequin fabric to go around you and tuck it into a strapless bra, pin the back and then tuck the bottom into your shorts-voila a DIY top!1916661_10150142285670015_3008817_n
  5. Iris Apfel
    • HUGE round glasses – if you hit up enough thrift stores you should be able to find something that will work
    • literally as many accessories that you can get on, especially bracelets and necklaces
    • she typically wears pants and a long coat, but look at some photos and you should be able to put something together from your closet! Fur is a huge plus.
  6. Claire Underwood from House of Cards
    • sleek business casual clothes – she wears neutrals, almost exclusively (a fitted dress is ideal)
    • hair parted on the side and close to your head – her long pixie is (like her clothes) sleek and understated. If you’ve got bangs, make sure to sweep them to the side too.
    • bonus points if you can bring along a Frank with a southern accent, suit and American flag pin

  7. Tinkerbell (Disney version; yes I know she has a bun but it works with a pixie too!)
  8. Stella Carlin aka Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black
    • brunette pixie, slicked down
    • keep the makeup fresh faced – define the brows, highlight and add some pink gloss
    • khaki scrubs
    • grab a waterproof eyeliner and get to drawing on all those tattoos!
  9. Twiggy
    • blonde pixie, parted on the side and slicked down
    • shift dress
    • big earrings
    • most important – the iconic Twiggy makeup
      • use waterproof liner to draw a half circle on your lid
      • huge faux lashes
      • draw on bottom lashes using liquid liner
      • contour, no blush (you want your face to look as thin as possible)
      • white liner on the bottom
  10. Judge Judy – okay I KNOW this isn’t glamorous but seriously how funny would this costume be?!
    • black robe (a graduation robe would be perfect, ask some recent college grads)
    • white lace collar (buy some white lace ribbon and make it lay like a collar – easy peasey and cheap)
    • skinny reading glasses
    • curly brown pixie, make sure to add lots of volume in hairspray for that classic Judge J look

  11. Roxie Hart from Chicago (this is based on the Renee Zellweger/movie version)
    • blonde hair with soft vintage waves
    • red lips + fair skin
    • white or silver flapper dress
    • white T-strap shoes
  12. Ellen Degeneres – this costume is perfect if you want to be COMFY this Halloween! There are also lots of options here.
    • menswear inspired/chic clothes – fitted blazers, skinny pants, bow tie, regular tie, button down shirt buttoned all the way to the top (this Pinterest board is PERFECT inspiration)
    • sneakers (just nothing high top)
    • fresh faced makeup (she was a Cover Girl, after all!)

  13. Black Widow
    • Red, wavy/curly bob
    • head to toe leather/faux leather (I would do leather leggings and then whatever long sleeve top I can find – faux leather is best but anything will work)
    • black combat boots (or any boot you have)
    • get creative with her belts and gun holster – use old belts from thrift stores! You can always cover them with black ribbon if they’re they wrong color or have embellishments on them

I’ve got one more Halloween costume idea post and this one is all about couples costumes! It’ll hit the blog later this week so stay tuned!

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