ColourPop Summer Haul Giveaway!

valery-brennan-beauty-pleats-colourpop-2741There are three things I look for in a makeup brand: I want them to be affordable, cruelty free and to focus on diversity (sometimes that means lots of shades of foundation, other times it means swatches on different skin tones or diversity in body shapes/skin color/abilities). Admittedly, sometimes I slip and go with a brand that doesn’t fit one of the three but when a brand passes all three with flying colors….ooooweeeee.

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On Failing and An Ivy Park Bodysuit

valery-brennan-ivy-park-7387 2Warning: lots of moody faces in these awesome photos by Stephanie Drenka. Apparently I was really trying to channel my inner Sasha Fierce or something.

June is almost over and one thing I really wanted to accomplish (that I didn’t include in my small goals list) was to complete my June Instagram Challenge. Everything looked GREAT. I had easy prompts that I knew I could find photos for, I made a cute graphic and I even remembered to post it on my blog!

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Easy Summer Makeup Look featuring Rimmel London

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyLondonLook #CollectiveBias

webIMG_4876Summer is almost here, which means it’s that time of year where you put on makeup and it feels like it’s just melting off your face, right? Wrong! Thank goodness with the right products, you can keep your summer look in check and stay looking fresh faced all day – it’s just a matter of applying the right products in the right order, namely making sure you start with a good primer! This daytime summer look can be adjusted to your personal style and it’s easy enough for anyone, whether you’re a makeup expert or you have never worn makeup in your life!

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Easy DIY Painted Canvas Sneakers

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreeToBe #CollectiveBias

diy painted sneakersEvery time I go shopping, I find myself eyeing (and convincing myself I should buy) a pair of canvas sneakers. There’s just something so cute and classic about canvas sneakers, especially to wear during spring and summer. They look adorable with shorts, skirts and cuffed jeans – they’re totally a spring and summer staple! I found some adorable mint sneakers but I have to admit I was also eyeing some chambray sneakers that had white polka dots on them. I decided I could get the best of both worlds and buy the mint sneakers but DIY polka dots. Turns out it’s a super easy project – it only took me about 20 minutes and I’m honestly pretty terrible at painting. If I can do it, you can do it! This project would be fun with older kids too!

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June Small Goals

CC_Floral_H2Am I the only person who is totally reliant on my planner? Sometimes I don’t reference it for a few days and I get all out of whack – which is EXACTLY what happened to me with yesterday’s post! I don’t usually post on Mondays but Sunday I was feeling excited for the week to begin and got an outfit post ready. BAM – good job, Valery. Oh wait….I was supposed to do my small goals post that day. Awesome.

Soooooo it may be a day late, but it’s here! Don’t forget, I’m linking up with Writes Like a Girl so head that way and check out the other small goals posts! First thing’s first, time to review last month’s goals.

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

valery-brennan-7045Feminine, whimsical, soft, graceful….none of these are words I would typically use to describe my personal style. I’m more of an eclectic, edgy, over the top kind of gal. But hey, everyone needs to change it up every once in a while and that’s exactly what I did with this look!

I’ve had a blush maxi skirt on my wish list for quite some time, but despite my best efforts I couldn’t find one that fit all my criteria and was budget friendly. I found one listed in some online Chinese boutiques…but…we all know what happened LAST time I tried to order from one of those places. If you don’t, click here to read the story because honestly it’s hilarious.

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Diversity Chic | Pool Party Chic


Diversity Chic is a collaboration of Dallas bloggers showcasing current fashion trends on a variety of skin tones, hair colors, body types and heights. Each month we will feature a new trend tailored to our personalities and style.

Our focus is to explore the world of fashion in its unique, diverse, and stylish manner – one trend at a time.

It’s seriously my favorite time of the month! Okay, so I know today is actually June 1 buuuuut we took these photos in May so it counts….IT COUNTS. Don’t forget to check out posts from Stephanie, Sevi and Denise this month – they’re great (per usual). Also, thank you sooo much to Holden Hostetler for taking our group photos and Stephanie Drenka for individual shots and editing talents <3

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June Instagram Challenge + I Made a Hashtag and Never Told Anyone

I know, I know. In my last post I said I was on vacation until Wednesday and I’m back a day early – I just really miss you guys okayyyyyyy?

Back in January, I came up with a hashtag! I thought it was cute and would resonate with a lot of people…oh, but then I never told you guys about it. I think I told two humans. But I kept tagging my own photos with it…and then I kept not telling you about it. SO NOW I’M TELLING YOU! I want to build a little community so use #everydayunicorn on Instagram so I can find your cute photos and we can all connect.

#everydayunicorn is perfect for any photo that has you feeling like the unique, amazing person you are! Cute and quirky photos are welcome.#everydayunicorn (1)

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On Vacation

Untitled design (2)
It’s been a little quiet around here since last week and honestly, last night I was feeling super stressed and guilty about it. I got back into town on Sunday and I’m still recovering – my house is a disaster and on Friday I’m leaving town again to do wedding flowers for a good friend in Oklahoma.*

I need a vacation.

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