Football Game Day Nail Art

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Even if you don’t love football, this football nail tutorial is the perfect way to celebrate game day! You don’t need any fancy tools, just the right nail polishes and a brush. I promise, even if you're not an artist, you can totally nail this DIY football nail art!
I’ve got a confession, you guys – I don’t really get that into sports. That being said, if there’s an excuse to change up my beauty routine and have fun – count me in! I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a good themed party?! Since I don’t really have any football-related fashion items, I like to put my nails on full display on game day. You can grab everything you need for this tutorial at your local CVS – it’s a one stop shop for all your game day needs! You can even pick up the perfect game day snack to take to your game day parties, SNICKERS® bars (with special football themed packaging) and SNICKERS® Crisper Bars. (Click here to save $1 on SNICKERS® at CVS!)

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My Favorite Chokers Under $10

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They’re so fun to wear, but let’s be honest....chokers aren't going to be around forever. For that reason, I don't think it's a good idea to spend a bunch of money on chokers. I’ve rounded up my favorite inexpensive chokers…guess what, they’re all under $10!Now, y’all know I am a 90s girl through and through. Admittedly, it took me a few months to get into the choker trend but since the start of 2016 I’ve been all about them. My inexpensive chokers have gotten WAY more wear than my pricier Bauble Bar items.

Let’s don’t get it twisted though….chokers aren’t going to be around forever. I’m sure in like four years we’ll all look back and be like “what were we thinking?!” For that reason, I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend a bunch of money on chokers. Sure, there are some gorgeous chokers on BaubleBar but is it really a good idea to spend $30+ on one choker that might only last you one season? I vote no. Spend those dollars on more timeless pieces and buy cheap chokers. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up my favorite chokers that are…wait for it….under $10! Tons are even under FIVE! Insanity. Happy shopping, babes!


Save Money on Clothes Without Sacrificing Style

Don’t let your budget keep you from having the wardrobe of your dreams! These six tips will help save you money on clothes and make sure you still stay stylish too! Click through to learn how to save money on clothes without sacrificing style.

So I was trying to figure out what to write about this (VERY budget friendly) outfit when I realized….I don’t think I have ever done a post with my favorite tips for thrifty shopping. How is that possible?! I pride myself on being insanely thrifty, and I know saving money is important to you too, so here are some ways I save money on clothing without sacrificing style!

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How to Get the Perfect Messy, Wavy Hair

I received this ghd Styler for free to use for this tutorial, but of course all opinions are my own.


Bless the fact that messy hair has been “in” for a while….can I get an amen?! Growing up in the era of stick straight hair, I’m soooo glad that’s not the only “acceptable” hairdo these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sleek mane on other people but my hair doesn’t like to stay straight and it just doesn’t work that well for me. Waves are more flattering for my face and just easier to deal with.

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How to Care for Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

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Fall seems to be everyone’s favorite season…and for good reason! One of the best things about fall is a changing wardrobe – but you have to make sure your clothes are well taken care of! Here are some tips for keeping your fall and winter clothes in tip top shape so you can always look and feel your best.

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6 Tips for Getting Your Bathroom Organized….Today!

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The bathroom is one of the hardest spaces in the home to decorate and organize. There are so many things you need to have in there, but it's typically the smallest room in the house. If you're like me and you rent, it's particularly difficult! You have to make the most of the space, so here are some of my favorite bathroom decorating tips to help keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

Even though I don’t have any kids myself, this “back to school” time of year always has me itching for change. I almost miss the days of moving into a new dorm room or apartment each year and getting to redecorate! This year, I’m celebrating the back to school season by focusing on refreshing my bathroom. In my opinion, the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to decorate and organize. There are so many things you need to have in there, but it’s typically the smallest room in the house. If you’re like me and you rent, it’s even more difficult because you can’t do anything major! Here are some of my favorite decorating tips that I’ve put into practice recently to help keep my bathroom tidy and organized.

September Small Goals

September-Small-GoalsHappy Labor Day, y’all! If you’re working today, I hope you get a little time to relax. If you’re off work today, I hope you’re enjoying it and make SURE to be extra nice to anyone you encounter who IS working. If you go to a restaurant, a store, or anywhere else – say hello and give a smile to the people working there! Greet them by name! Just be nice, okay?

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Wizard World Chicago 2016 | Recap

If you know me personally, you know the last few months have been pretty difficult. Without getting into too many details, my husband was laid off totally unexpectedly and we didn’t really know what the future held for us. I was physically and mentally exhausted – I couldn’t sleep and I spent most of the waking hours in physical pain because of the stress. A week or two in, I got an Instagram notification – a friend tagged me in a photo (that no longer exists for some reason) announcing that Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi and William B Davis would all be in Chicago for Wizard World Comic Con. I had to be there.

It was the worst possible time for me to be planning a trip, but thankfully I had quite a bit of extra money coming in that month and my amazing husband said to go for it. I booked a flight to Chicago and bought my Wizard World ticket. Fast forward a few weeks later and at 4:45AM on Thursday, I was leaving for the airport. Yes, I took a 7AM flight….it was the cheapest option!

If you want to read more Con posts, you can find them here. 

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