Diversity Chic | Looking Back on 2016

I honestly cannot believe it has been 2 full years since we started the Diversity Chic journey. It has been such a joy showcasing various trends with some of my favorite people. I don’t really know if it has had an effect on anyone outside of our Diversity Chic group, but putting a body positive spin on trends is soooooo important. The world is improving in terms of what is deemed “acceptable” for various body types to wear and I’d like to think we have had the teeniest tiniest part in that. Here’s what Diversity Chic means to us:

Diversity Chic is a collaboration of Dallas bloggers showcasing current fashion trends on a variety of skin tones, hair colors, body types and heights. Each month we will feature a new trend tailored to our personalities and style.

Our focus is to explore the world of fashion in its unique, diverse, and stylish manner – one trend at a time.

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January Small Goals

Happy first small goals post of 2017! This officially marks the start of my 2nd year doing small goals and I’m honestly so excited – my small goals last year really helped me stay focused and achieve my goals. This month’s small goals post comes a little late because the first Monday of this month was reserved for the word of the year. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. Otherwise, it’s time to chat about January small goals! Per usual, I’m linking up with the always lovely, Nicole. Make sure to check out her small goals post and while you’re at it, read a few others who linked up! Here’s a look at my December goals:

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Lipsense: An Honest Review

I received a Lipsense kit to try to facilitate this review. Per usual, all opinions are my own.

This honest review of Lipsense shows how Lipsense wore throughout the day (even after a workout!) and goes through the pros and cons of Lipsense.I’ll admit it: the first time I heard about Lipsense, I rolled my eyes. The claim of a lipstick that lasts 8 hours, the videos of people rubbing their lips, the photos of wine glasses with no residue…it just seemed like such a gimmick. But I’ll confess another thing….I was curious.

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Favorite Looks of 2016

Okay sooo I’m a smidge late on this post BUT I wanted to revisit some of my favorite looks from 2016. This is always an interesting exercise because it’s amazing how much your style can evolve just in a single year. I feel like by the end of 2016, I had really come into my own as far as style goes. I know what I like and I know what speaks to me. Last year I said that my style was maturing a bit and I think that’s even more true this year. Who knows, by the end of 2017 I might be wearing pantsuits! lol no.

Here they are, in chronological order! (Link to the post directly below each photo.)

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Favorite Winter Trends

This post isn’t sponsored but does contain a handful of affiliate links. If you click and/or purchase anything using one of those links, I receive a few cents back. Thanks for helping keep this blog running – you are SO appreciated.

2016 has been a rough year for a lot of us, but if there’s one thing Iv’e been loving in 2016, it’s the trends. I think it’s just because so many of them fit into my personal style so seamlessly but I’m just loving them! Since we’re knee deep in winter, with a few months left to go, I wanted to share some of my favorite winter trends for 2016! It was tough to narrow it down to just a few, but I managed to do it!

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